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Meet Our Featured Members of the Month

It's time to get to know our September featured members! We are always amazed at the stunning work of our members. Each month new names pop up on the site and we are blown away by the talent. If you would like to be considered for a future month, please email us at

Eve Mauro is a Sicilian-American actress and fashion model. Born to a Sicilian father and a Russian mother, Mauro is the youngest of six siblings. She moved from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles at the age of 21 and began her acting and modeling career.

Mauro is a supporter of four charities: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Save the Children, and Susan G. Komen Cure for Cancer.

She is currently repped by DT Models in Los Angeles.

Who is your favorite model of all time?
My favorite model of all time would be Laetitia Casta. She exudes great sexual confidence and has a timelessness about her.
What inspires you?
Life inspires me. Everything, anything, you name it. If you search for inspiration you can find it in whatever you want.
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
I suppose I look for a similar vision. Someone who is also pleasant to work with.
What is your favorite project that you have worked on?
Working with Ellen Von Unwerth for Sang Bleu Magazine and her book would have to be some of my favorite projects. She was so creative, fun, and natural. 
What is your personal style?
My style is very simple. I mostly wear a black tank top, jeans, and boots with a leather jacket. Accessories are optional. I supposed if you had to put my style in a category, it would be rocker biker chic.
What is your favorite band or song of all time? 
My favorite song of all time would be Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I've probably played it a million times. My favorite band of all time is Nine Inch Nails. Their album Broken is my favorite for sure. 

Veronika Gant is originally from Slovakia and her life is all about art. She has learned more about wedding photography since moving to the U.S. and has started working as a newborn photographer as well. She is a versatile photographer, who is able to step in and do hair, makeup and wardrobe styling for her shoots if needed!

Veronika shot campaigns for radio station EUROPA 2 and GOSH Cosmetics in Slovakia and also worked with Exit Model Management modeling agency.

Why photography?
Through photography you can see real feelings and I love it.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
Annie Leibovitz 
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I need to see something in her/him.
What kind of camera/equipment do you use?
Canon 5D Mark II
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
A campaign for Gosh Cosmetics:
What is your personal style?
High-end fashion and editorial.
What genre does your work focus on?
Editorial and beauty.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
I did pictures for my good friend and the next day I deleted them from my memory card and forgot to download them to my laptop. 

Courtney's love for the world of beauty started very early on when she first discovered Kevyn Aucoin's book, The Art of Makeup. He inspired her to make over anyone who would sit in front of her and she quickly fell in love with the power that makeup had to transform people both physically and emotionally. Eager to turn her passion into a career, she left her Midwest roots and made the move to California where she attended the Empire Academy of Makeup to hone her skills as a professional makeup artist.

Courtney began her career in Los Angeles working for Urban Decay cosmetics, but it wasn't until she began to freelance on numerous editorial shoots, corporate videos, indie films, runway shows, and red carpet events, that she developed her own signature style as an artist. Her clean, understated beauty aesthetic, combined with her down-to-earth attitude has clients coming back time and time again. Courtney's love and excitement for the beauty world is infections and is instantly apparent to anyone who steps into her chair.

Why makeup artist?
Growing up, I was actually quite shy and makeup helped me to come out of my shell. I discovered that when I put it on, I immediately felt more confident and outgoing around others. It was an emotional transformation as much as it was a physical one. My attitude changed, my body language changed, and I suddenly felt like I could take on the world. that feeling became addictive and I couldn't wait to get other women in my chair to share the same excitement.
Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
Kevyn Aucoin. I know it is such a cliche answer, but it's true. My aunt picked up one of his books for me when I was young and I was absolutely enamored by the images. That book became my bible. I studied it and read through it hundreds of times. His images are so iconic and beautiful and demonstrated the power makeup had to completely transform someone. He made me realize makeup was a true art form and one you could make a living doing. Not only was he gifted, but he seemed so humble and kind as well, something you don't always see in the beauty world.
As far as makeup artists today go, I am obsessed with Mary Phillip's work. She makes her clients' skin look so fresh and flawless without caking on tons of product. Her work on Jennifer Lopez is so much fun to watch because she plays with so many different looks yet still manages to put the JLo spin on it.
What inspires you?
I'm inspired by other artists' work. I could spend hours scouring Instagram looking at images. There are just so many talented MUA's on there! I'm inspired by badass femaile entrepreneurs. I just finished reading #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso and The Glitter Plan by the Juicy Couture creators, and I couldn't be more motivated. I love people who make something out of nothing. I love surrounding myself with other artists and visionaries who have big dreams and endless passion. Those people keep me going. I'm inspired by people who don't take "no" for an answer and know how to ask for what they want. I'm inspired by my Mom, who has mastered the art of tough love. And Los Angeles - I love this city and it never ceases to amaze me.
What product can you not live without?
I cannot live without my Graftobian HD cream foundation. It feels like butter and blends like a dream on the skin. I use it as a foundation as well as an under eye concealer. And I most definitely cannot live without my eyelash extensions!! They save me so much time and make me feel so glamorous at all times.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project was actually a look book shoot for a handmade, earth friendly clothing line called Where Clothes. It was shot in Cape Cod over a weekend and there were like 10 girls there holed up together in the house where we were shooting. Normally when you get that many females together, drama is always bound to happen, but they were the most amazing, inspiring group of women and I left feeling like I had a new family. It was such a crazy bonding experience filled with intimate sharing, burnt nachos, and a scavenger hunt in a scary abandoned home. Meeting people like that is why I love my job so much.
What genre(s) does your work focus on?
I definitely do a lot of editorial work. I love the freedom you have to experiment with the makeup. It's always more fun when you are able to be creative. I love when the hair, makeup, wardrobe, and lighting all come together to create an interesting story and the photographer is able to capture that. Every time I see the images from a shoot I did, it feels like Christmas morning. There is nothing like it. 

Being nominated for Hairstylist of the Year and Makeup Artist of the year for 2003 by the International Photographers Association, and winning the prestigious "Lucie Award" for Hairstylist of the Year, Mitzi Spallas has come full circle in the world of beauty. Beginning her career as a hairdresser in the late 1980's on the East Coast, Mitzi worked her way up to become one of the five members of the artistic council for Zotos International, a team of top hair stylists from around the world who would dictate the next season's beauty trends. 

Her freelance career started out strong when she met punk rock legend Billy Idol, who she can still count as a steady client after 20 years. Working with Billy introduced her to some of the best photographers and directors in the business, such as director David Fincher and photographer Anton Corbin early in her career. 

Tim Barron knew from a young age that he wanted to be part of the fashion world and is always looking for ways to advance in the career he wants. He collaborates with talented teams to interpret fashion into images conveying a story; creating stunning editorials.

Barron is attracted to work that evokes a sense of dark and whimsical. He is always drawing inspiration from literature, film, and/or art and combining it with current fashion trends.

He currently resides in San Francisco, CA.



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