Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet Our Featured Members Of The Month

We're serving up another batch of super talented members for our June feature. Full bios for each member are available on our homepage. If you would like to be considered for an upcoming month, please email with your ModelWire Network username.


Hilary Anderson grew up in the Chicagoland area where she started her modeling career. She started as a freelance model but was discovered by Elle Chicago (now Factor Women) after a few months. Through Factor she started modeling for many of the major catalogue/e-commerce companies in the area, including Kohl's, Sears, and Meijer to name a few. Over the decade, Hilary has been lucky to work with designers and publications of all sizes, including Zac Posen, GQ Australia, and Vogue Singapore.

Why modeling?
Travel, constantly meeting and working with new people, and artistic expression.
What inspires you?
Lots of things. Nature. Books. Music. Music can change your whole mood and perception in an instant. [I'm also inspired by] people who are completely, unapologetically comfortable being themselves. Probably because I almost never feel that way. 
What is your personal style?
I'm traveling around the UK right now, so I pretty much live in my high-waisted Levi jeans and either a tucked in tee or long-sleeved blouse. I pair it with my husband's belt and black boots I found a a flea market or Converse.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
That's a really tough question! I don't really have just one favorite, so I'll have to go with the first band that really made an impact on me - Jefferson Airplane. My sister was named after Grace Slick.
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
I look first and foremost for someone who is willing to collaborate. I'm always up to shoot, but I've found that the shoots that turn out best for everyone involved and are the most fun are the ones that have at least a little spontaneity to them. I also look for diversity in a photographer's work. I like people who have tried many different concepts, even if they haven't succeeded at all of them. It's only when you're willing to fail that you're able to grow.
What product can you not live without?
Vitamin C. I've been taking it supplementally since I was like 10. I swear it's the reason I've always had such great skin. 


Fashion photographer TJ Manou was born in Armenia, moved to London for 12 years, and now resides in Los Angeles. His work has been featured in more than 40 magazines across the globe, including GQ Mexico and Vogue Italia.

What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Story, character, uniqueness, quirkiness, energy, drama. I don't care how beautiful the model is or how good they are at posing if the substance is not there, I cannot do too much. That's one thing I cannot add in post.
What kind of camera/equipment do you use?
I get this question a lot. I'll say Canon, but I couldn't care less. Give me any pro or semi-pro camera and light, I'm happy. I stopped paying attention to gear a long time ago. Don't get me wrong, I love all of that, but it's not the first thing on my mind when I'm working. As long as the gear is not demanding, I'm happy.
What is your personal style?
Vintage. I absolutely love vintage. There is so much history there and there is a lot you can do with it - all of the patterns, colors, textures. I just love it.
What genre does your work focus on?
I would say fashion, editorial, and commercial.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
Has to be Radiohead. Fantastic melodies and mood.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
Oh man, when I was new to LA, I used to shoot a lot of models that didn't have representation. I would just check their online portfolio out and book a team based on that. I was talking to this Russian model who submitted her portfolio for consideration. Great looks, about 23-25 years old. I didn't see quality photos on her page, but loved her look. I got a great team together for the shoot and everybody was excited to work with her. On the day of the shoot, she turns up and she is 45 years old. Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy to shoot anyone at any age. I'm not an ageist and it has never been an issue, but I felt so awkward and stupid. Talk about misrepresentation! Of course her explanation was, "My online portfolio? Oh yeah, I did those photos years ago." Needless to say, it was not a good experience. Luckily now the modeling agencies do the filtering for me! 


Guerline Fequiere has more than 11 years experience in makeup artistry. She has worked with professional companies, agencies, organizations, and individuals. Guerline has achieved all of her certifications by working for and training with one of the world's most renowned make-up companies. Throughout her career she has had the pleasure of working with some of the top names in fashion, modeling, photography, music, and entertainment.

Why makeup artistry?
I never saw myself becoming a makeup artist, although I have always been into art. I was asked to become a makeup artist by someone in the makeup field. I'm grateful they saw something in me that I never knew I had, and since then I've been building my skills and taking my career further than I ever thought it would go.
Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
That would have to be Pat McGrath. Her work is so divine. So creative and so diverse. I love that you can look through her portfolio and see all genres of makeup styles. The opportunity to work alongside her would be a dream come true.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Since I've started producing my own shoots and booking the talent, selecting models has been more particular. It's never really about the work they already have in their portfolios because sometimes it's the work of the photographers/editors that end up not complimenting the models. What I look for is a variety or combination of facial expressions, poses, eye contact...things of that nature. If I see that "quality" in a model, I usually book them for one of my shoots.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
One of my favorite projects was one of my first shoots. It was a Marilyn Monroe re-create (pictured above). I had to strip down a model's face to au natural that came in 2 hours late to our shoot and looked like she partied all night and never made it home. From there, I transformed her to the legendary icon. The whole time the photographer (who I'd never worked with or met until that day) was standing over my worried that I wouldn't be able to pull off the look. The looks on both the model and the photographer's faces were priceless when I was done and so self-gratifying. The images came out beautifully and the photographer even booked me for a few more shoots. 
What genre does your work focus on?
Currently I'm focused on fashion, editorial makeup, and male grooming, but I've done everything from beauty to Avant Garde. I like to switch things up to keep from getting bored. I even body paint from time to time. 


Rachael Beauty is a licensed Cosmetologist, hair stylist, and makeup artist from Beverly Hills, CA. She studied at the Aveda Institute in LA. Her eye for detail brings out the ultimate finished look for photo shoots, runway modeling, editorial portraits, weddings, theater, screen actors, and everyday life. 


Shawnté Hernton has been a wardrobe stylist for about 3 years, but has always been helping people put together outfits and providing fashion tips her whole life. She started creating outfits on Polyvore and used the app to help further her career. Shawnté used the outfits she created to launch Facebook and Instagram pages, which helped her land an internship at a local boutique. During her internship, she styled mannequins, styled for fashion shows, TV appearances, magazines ads, and a cover.

Since her internship ended, Shawnté's main focus has been on photoshoots. She has used the knowledge she gained to take more of a visionary and creative director role. She likes to be in control of all aspects of her team and have everyone come together to deliver her mission and bring it to life.

Why wardrobe stylist?
I love using clothing to paint a picture and complete a vision.
What inspires you?
My love of fashion.
Who is your favorite stylist of all time?
Rachel Zoe.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
[I like working with models that are] fun, outgoing, and versatile. 
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
Styling a 6 page spread and cover for a local magazine! 



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