Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ask Joey: Happy New Year

What's happening!

Hope everyone's holidays were full of happiness.

Mine was great, besides being snowed in for a day…

Though, I can't think of a better place to be snowed in besides New York City. People are cross country skiing in the streets and in Central City. Nothing is moving, nobody is working, it's truly a winter wonderland.

Back to business.

Justin Magoulas

I'm moving to New York next year in March. When I go there, should I look for an agency then or will it be best to email them beforehand? I found it harder to email agencies because they can't meet you in person and see how you really are.

If you are definitely moving to New York in March, then I would work as much as you can on your portfolio, so when you get to New York, you have something great to work with. Like I said to you earlier in my blog from 12/1/10, you have a good look but you need some more formal shots.

You are right - emails get sent to trash, just as photos used to get thrown in the garbage.

As soon as you get to New York, get on the phone and start calling the agencies. Try to schedule an appointment with them, so they can see you in person. You should also find out when and what agencies are having open calls and go to all of them. As I stated before, don't get hooked up on the top fashion agencies - you are starting your career, so start where you can.


I would like to know if you have any tips or me. I want to model ... even internationally (Greece, etc.) and I would like to know how to go about that. Also, when is it time for a female to stop trying ... age, height? The kind of photography that I would like to do is erotic and fashion. I have been told by some well known photographers that I have 'it' I just need to lose more weight and tone. The pictures on here are my most current. Anything that can help me achieve my lifelong dream will most make me the happiest girl on earth.

I agree you, have to tone up. If you love modeling, then make yourself the priority. Get to know your strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, be realistic.

Height wise, fashion is not in the cards for you.

And I would never suggest anyone go into erotic photography…

If you want to be a working model, then you seriously need to improve your portfolio. I am assuming your book is mostly erotic. You need to take some "slice of life" photos. Start focusing on commercial print.

Joshua Hinson

I have been told by many that I would make a great model due to the fact that the camera is kind to me; however, I am fully grown and I am only 5'10." Most male models are over 6 feet. Should I even bother?

You are correct - most male models are 6 foot or taller. At 5'10", you would be classified as a commercial print model.

I wouldn't advise you to give up modeling if you love it. Go for it, just be realistic. You are not going to be a high fashion model, but you can be a print model. To better help yourself in the world of commercial print, I would recommend you to take some acting classes.


Why would some agencies choose to focus on editorial assignments over commercial? Don't commercial bookings pay more money? Some agencies are exclusively editorial, unless they are only depending on their models getting huge contracts.

2nd question: I have had several US agencies sign me (or ask me to sign) including one in Asia. My question is, can one spread himself too thin? Does having no Mother Agency and several agencies scattered all over ultimately work against a model or it is a good thing?

Most agencies do, in fact, look for editorial models, so they can do both sides of modeling. (One can't live on editorial work alone.) However, most agencies are not editorial exclusively. If an agency gave you that excuse, then they were kindly brushing you off.

As for your second question, why are you asking this? If you have agencies wanting to sign you, then what are you waiting for? If they are legit agencies, then sign! Don't you know how hard it is to get work?

You are not spreading yourself too thin. It is better to have different agencies in different markets in different cities. That only means more work. At your age, you should not be picky.


My problem in Paris. I have no good connections and no good agencies to represent me. They don't give serious opportunity to black and mix models like me; if you have a contact to push me, I would be really happy. My second question is if you have a good connection in New York. I would like to try the American market. I think I have something to make in modeling industry!!!

Let me know what you can do for me !!!

My sizes are 35. 25. 34 (89. 63. 87) and I'm 5.9 (175)

I am shocked to hear you are having a hard time in Paris. You have an impressive book and look.

My first question would be, who have you seen? Paris is the modeling capital of Europe. I find it hard to believe that you can't find anyone to represent you. Have you called them to make an appointment to so you can make them?

If you have been doing this and still don't have an agent, then I wonder what you are doing wrong. Maybe your book is more impressive than you are in person. Find out what you are doing wrong and change it.

As for New York, if you can't find representation in Paris, then you are not going to find one in New York.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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