Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ask Joey: My Exciting Week at IMTA in Los Angeles

Sorry for my lapse in blogging last week.

I was at IMTA in Los Angeles all week long.

Before I dive into my week at IMTA, I wanted to clarify some things. I love helping people and giving advice to earnest folk; that is why I have this blog.

It has come to my attention that I may have hurt users' feelings with some advice that I provided. My intentions are to be straightforward and give everyone the advice they need. It may seem harsh, but I am not a sugar-coater. If you ask me a question, I am going to answer it and post it on my blog unless you specify you do not wish for it to be published. Know that you can also opt to specify that you want your name to be 'anonymous'. I value people's needs and feelings. I also value people's careers and if that means being 'harsh', then I would rather do that than to have anyone brutally sabotage themselves in this business.

Ok - my week at IMTA!

International Modeling & Talent Association is the only place that attracts the most agents, managers, producers, and other legit industry professionals who are actually looking for new talent.

In more specific terms, IMTA is a convention that produces a week of modeling, acting, singing and dancing competitions in New York and Los Angeles where top industry professionals judge and search for new talent.

If you are new to the business and have talent, then it is a great place to get in the know. If you are interested in IMTA, go to their website:

I participate at every IMTA event. They hold one in Los Angeles and then 6 months later, they have one in New York, which is easier for me since I live in New York.

I pretty much do a more personal "Ask Joey" thing there. I run seminars where I go over the modeling business for kids who are just starting out. I not only talk to the kids, but also their parents, who are normally more confused about the following:

- Modeling contracts

- How agencies do business

- How accommodating an agency is (regarding travel and expenses)

- In & Outs of modeling

- Everyday life of a model

- The Modeling Business as a business

Additionally, I schmooze with the agents who are on parent site, ModelWire. What was most exciting was the fact that I had a ModelWire Network booth at IMTA!

Not sure if you all know this, but here at ModelWire Network, we are gearing up to open the site to 13-17 year olds. This is currently in development, but if you know of any young models, then you should tell them to sign up for our mailing list located on our homepage. MWN is going to be a safe and secure site for the young professionals, who are just starting out.

Here are some of my photos from IMTA:

IMTA table

This was our booth. Love the shag carpet!

IMTA ballroom

IMTA's Main Ballroom used for all runway competitions.

IMTA runway

One of the many runway competitions; I believe it was formalwear.

In between running the ModelWire Network booth, speaking at different seminars, and following up with agents, I decided to take my blog to the next level and film "Ask Joey." I had 5 kids who all had questions regarding the industry, such as differentiating between the responsibilities of managers and agents and how to succeed in the business.


A "Behind the scenes" photo of our set-up.

Here is my first questionnaire, Jazmyn, who is 11 years old

My fourth questionnaire had so many questions that she had to write them down! (Notice the fancy camera, a HD flip video! Man, how times have changed... for the better!)

I had a pleasure answering all of their questions and I hope you find them helpful as well. Next week, I will be posting the video with all five questions and answers, but for now, you will just have to deal with the photos. If you want to see more photos from IMTA, check out ModelWire Network's Facebook page.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


* Have a question for me? Click here to go to my ModelWire Network profile.



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