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ASK JOEY: Be smart when it comes to spammers!

ModelWire Network members!  I can't stress this enough - please do not fall for scammers.  In the past couple of weeks, we've had a handful of spammers on the site.  Although we figure it out quickly and delete them, in the end, it's still on you whether or not you fall for it.  You need to understand that IF SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT IS PROBABLY FAKE.  Do you really receive millions of dollars from the prince of a foreign land?  Exactly.  Don't be stupid folks!  Use your heads!  We love assisting you and helping you find out if an opportunity is legitimate or not, but at the same time, it's common sense.  You cannot and will not book a high paying job without going in for a casting.  It's as simple as that.  Be smart about it!  The only jobs that we approve and check out are those listed in your Projects page.  If you feel like someone is spamming you, please contact ModelWire Network support immediately (  In the meantime, be smart.

Joey, I have a big dream of becoming a model.  People are always stopping me on the street or when I'm out with my friends and advising me to do more modeling (they definitely see the potential).  I believe that I can do it.  The only thing that I need is some help - please send me your opinion!

Well you live in New York City.  If it truly is your dream, go to an open call at of the fashion agencies.  Unfortunately you're only 5'8" and they will most likely tell you that you need to be at least 5'9".  Also, you only have one look in all of your photos.  Get some more looks.  Before you see an agent, get a professional opinion.  Your portfolio doesn't really tell me much.
I want to say that I really appreciate your request.  I would like to know what you believe would be a good enough fit when it comes to this industry so I know what path to take to become an experienced model.  I just started again in becoming a model and as of now, I don't really know what my strengths and weaknesses are.

At 5'9" you definitely have the height.  I like your look - there are plenty of agencies in Boston that specialize in both fashion and commercial modeling.  It's really about checking them out and seeing where you fit in the most and what types of jobs you get.  They can transform you to do either, so just check them out see what they come up with.  Once you meet them, they can guide you by what they see.  To me, you look more on the commercial side - so hone your acting skills, it will pay off.
Since you are a guy with silver hair, what do you think the future holds for salt and pepper and over 50-year-olds such as myself?

I like your look.  You have a great commercial look.  You are lucky that you are living in a great commercial market.  Your only disadvantage is that everyone your age has most likely been doing it for the past several years.  If you have as well, then that's great.  If you're just getting started, you're going to have to catch up and quickly.  Otherwise, you will have a lot of trouble competing with others.
I love reading your blogs when they come out, it's so nice to have the opportunity to learn from your experience!  Whenever you have some time, I would really appreciate any advice you could offer on my profile.

You should know that you are a commercial model - fashion is definitely out.  The nearest market to you is Seattle.  If you can get out there, then go for it.  Also, I hope you can act.  Commercial models need to know how to act these days.  Take some acting classes and go to the nearest big city (Seattle) and meet with some people.  There's no harm in trying.  Good luck.
I would like to ask your advice on getting the right representation for modeling.  I recently did a test shoot with Karl Rumburg Preston - he gave me great referrals to many top agencies.  I submitted to several and never heard back.  I have the passion, motivation, drive and natural talent.  My measurements are more commercial print modeling.  Karl recommended Runway as well.  Although I love it, I don't think I have measurements for Runway.  Do you have any advice to me as far as how to get in with the right agency?  Thank you for your valuable time.

Well you are definitely a commercial model - not fashion or runway.  He might have sent you to the wrong agencies if he thought you were runway.  Unfortunately, there's no easy way in the industry.  Agencies know what they are looking for and if you're it, they'll let you know.  All I can really say is to keep trying.  I would suggest more looks - if you're a commercial model, you need to have a variety of shots.  Just keep trying, you can't expect things to happen over night.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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