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ASK JOEY: When is it time to meet with agents?

Hope everyone is having a wondering week!  I just wanted to say that we are getting some great talent on the site!  I encourage you to go out and meet with agents instead of just sending in your portfolios.  You have to know that they receive hundreds of submissions a day.  If you can personally meet up with an agent, jump on that opportunity.  It gives you the opportunity to show off your personality and be unique instead of one of hundreds of models.  I'm not saying to just show up to an agency - but set up a meeting.  Do not show up to an agency with an incomplete or unprofessional portfolio.  If you do, they will send you away and may not give you another chance.  Have your portfolio be at its best before you consider meeting with anyone (including photographers, scouts, etc.).  At the end of the day, you are as successful as how hard you've tried.  Good luck!

I am very interested in furthering my career in the modeling industry and would appreciate any guidance you may have.  I'd love for you to review my portfolio.  Hope to hear from you soon!

I love your look.  It could be your height that's holding you back.  I would suggest taking it more commercial and adding more looks to your portfolio.  For fashion, you need to be at least 5'9".  With your height, you should be doing more commercial modeling.  But you have a good look, so you shouldn't have any trouble booking these types of gigs.  Just add a variety of looks to your port (more smiling).  
I've been modeling regularly for a single clothing line company for about a year now.  I'm looking to expand into the industry, and I really want to go for fashion modeling; however, I know I need to lose weight, which gets pretty tricky as a working college student.  My question is - is there anything I can do in the mean time?  Perhaps, commercial modeling?  What advice would you have for me and are there any agencies that would suggest I look into?
You have a great look, but you're a commercial model because of your height.  You live in Los Angeles, one of the largest modeling hubs in the world - this is in your favor.  Take advantage of it!  You would make an amazing commercial model; you definitely have the look.  You also don't look like you need to lose any weight.  Focus on what you want to do and go for it!
Hi Joey, I'm 21 years old and I know that I'm a commercial model.  But do you think I should update my portfolio or do you think that it is time for me to go to an audition and submit my photos to their office?

You only have two photos.  So the answer is yes, you need more photos.  Before you meet with any agents, you need to show them a variety of looks.  Also, you should consider taking some acting classes.  This will help your commercial modeling since every actor can do commercial modeling.  You have a great look though!  
I moved to NYC 8 months ago and have been pursuing acting and modeling on the side.  I've been to a few open calls at modeling agencies but haven't landed anything yet.  I'd like to do lifestyle/fitness modeling but haven't found the right person to guide me in getting my foot in the door with the right agency.  I have a very outgoing, charismatic personality with a good sense of humor.  I'm also very driven, easy and reliable to work with, as well as cultured with travel and adapting quickly to new environments and people around me.  I feel that with the right opportunity things will happen quickly and easily for me.  With that said, any advice, photo critique or insight in general would be greatly appreciate!   
You definitely have the right attitude!  I think you have the right look for New York City.  And it seems like you have a grasp of what categories you fit in.  There's a fitness agency called Silver.  Look them up and set up a meeting with them.  Also, I would find a few TV and commercial print agents.  I really like your look and I think your photos are good enough to get an agent.  Try to see them in person versus mailing them your portfolio - let your personality shine!

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