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ASK JOEY: Don't Overlook Your Commercial Opportunities

Happy Friday the 13th! After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back to answer some more Ask Joey questions! Of course, the questions that come up most often involve finding an agent. For anyone looking to be signed for the first time, or to move up to a bigger agency or market, your best bet is usually to go the commercial route. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a career in fashion modeling simply because they want to. This generally boils down to your stats. If you don't have the right measurements, 99% of the odds are immediately stacked against you. Start with commercial agents in your market and build from there!

I recently moved from a semi-small town to pursue my dream of modeling. I have modeled in my hometown for about 4 years now. I would love if you could look at some of my pictures and provide some feedback. I've been trying to get signed to an agency in LA for a few months now. Am I considered more commercial than fashion?

At 5'8" they will consider you more commercial. You do have a fashion look, but in LA, they (agents who rep fashion) will not work with you unless you have the height. Your portfolio is all fashion shots, so I would suggest adding some new commercial head shots and getting out and meeting with commercial agents. I think, in LA, you will find more success in that area.
I have been submitting photos to just about anybody who will take them, especially in New York. I even practice facial expressions in the mirror and try to "strut" down the bathroom hallway for goodness sake! I just can't stop pushing myself because I feel so close. Do you have any advice you could give me to help get my foot in the door into the modeling industry? I would be beyond thankful.

You have the height for fashion but your look in your photos on your MWN profile are very commercial. Get with a local agent first. Go in person, and if they like you, they will develop your look. Based on the pictures you've got, you're not ready for NYC. Get started locally, and then work toward a larger market.
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to gain more exposure in the modeling industry. I do work with talent agencies but I am not getting much work. Do you think I have what it takes to grow as a model internationally? What area of modeling do you think is best for me based off of my look and height?

You have a fashion look, but you are too short for fashion work. Change your book - it reeks of fashion. Go commercial and then you will book more work. A talent agent is definitely the way to go. Commercial types tend to not work internationally, but stay stateside for commercial work and you will find more opportunities.
I would really like to find a good commercial agent. I have a bit of an acting background, have recently been in a local commercial in Philadelphia, and have done acting classes in NYC with some reputable casting directors. I am currently in Southern New Jersey and am contemplating whether I should submit to Philadelphia agents or NY agents. Could you review my portfolio and advise me on which path to take? Do you think I would find success in the NYC market or is it a little premature for my experience level?

I would try both NYC and Philly. You have nothing to lose! I would say you could add a few more commercial shots to your book, it's a bit on the fashion side, but what you have is a start. Submit to commercial agencies in both cities, and see what happens!
I am currently looking for work in commercial print. Do you have any advice on the best way to do this or what types of agencies might be interested in my look?

You need a commercial agent but will probably have difficulty finding one with your current pictures. You only have one look with a different hat in each photo on your MWN profile. If you're serious about pursuing a career commercially, I would suggest getting a few new head shots and getting on the phone! Submit to commercial agents you've heard good things about or may be interested in working with - you're in the right market for it!
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