Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month

It's time to get to know our featured members for the month of June. We're pleased to bring you several new ModelWire Network members, and couldn't be more thrilled to have them be a part of our awesome community! If you would like to be considered as a featured member in an upcoming month, send a message to the MWN universal friend through your account!


Elle West is known for her professionalism amongst top clientele for print, editorial, commercial, TV, and fashion runway. She has appeared in magazines, commercials, other TV related programming, and is the face of campaigns and look books for designers and brands around the world. Grey Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi, Anyone Collective, Duo Films, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Hearst Publications, and Condé Nast Publications represent only a handful of Elle's top clientele.

Who is your favorite model of all time?
Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by this big supermodel "Brooke Shields." I was compared to her a lot growing up as a "mini" Brooke Shields because we both got attention for our heavy eyebrows, dark hair, and blue eyes. Tons of other top models, such as Hilary Rhoda and Cara Delevingne, have followed in her footsteps by flaunting some wicked eyebrows. I was super excited when I finally had the opportunity to meet and work with Brooke on a TV show in NYC!
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
I always look at composition choices made by the photographers in their work (lighting, angle, and all-over style)... I consider lighting to be one of the most important things.
What is your personal style?
My style is very eclectic! I just go with my mood for the day... One of my favorites is a pair of short cut-off jean shorts and a loose t-shirt with a pair of low-heeled ankle boots. I also have a love for leggings, and I have a favorite pair of flat footed thigh-high boots that get worn regularly. One thing is for sure though, I design metal jewelry and can almost always be seen wearing one of my signature necklaces with any outfit! 
What genre does your work focus on?
I'm lucky that I can cross over to book work in both the fashion and commercial modeling worlds, and I love each of them equally! My experience is in print, editorial, beauty, runway, showroom, fit modeling, video (TV shows, commercials, industrials, etc.), and spokesmodeling. 
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
I was between shots on set with a stylist who was tucking in my shirt and reaching under my skirt to pull the shirttail down. This isn't the embarrassing part...I'm fairly desensitized to these sorts of "happenings" during a shoot. The embarrassing part is when she gave an extra tug, looked up at me, and said "oops." That's when I realized that she accidentally pulled my underwear down. I think, with her reaction, I was more embarrassed for her than myself! 


John Hong is a fashion photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. His visual development started with his father, who was a photojournalist and fine art gallery owner in Korea. John strives to provide authentic imagery in his fashion stories.

Why photography?
If I had more patience, I would be a painter/
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
I love Greg Kadel's work.
What inspires you?
Beautiful ideas and inspiration come to mind when I mix creative friends and wine.
What kind of camera/equipment do you use?
I use various cameras that I've collected over the years. My primary fashion work camera equipment includes Hasselblad digital, Canon digital, and a large collection of 35mm and medium format film cameras. I love shooting film, so I always find a way to integrate both film and digital in my work.
What is your personal style?
Black shirt and denim.
What genre does your work focus on?
Fashion and beauty.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie are my favorite bands. 


Angelique Cerniglia is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles whose love of color has whirled her into the world of fashion as well. The makeup palette was a very fitting inspiration for Angelique. "I've always loved to travel, experiencing new things...and always loved looking at fashion. Women all over the world want to feel and look confident in their appearance," she says. Angelique is compelled to apply her admiration for color, texture, and fashion trends to whatever "look" she is creating for a particular project. "When I was a kid, I used coloring books like crazy. Makeup and fashion melt into one another, I believe." Being true to the idea that confidence comes from within, so when you feel beautiful you exude that beauty, is definitely a strong motivation for this Atlanta-born makeup artist.

Why makeup artist?
I've always been attracted to color and have been all-around artistic since I was a little girl. I would obsess about having tons of coloring books and spent hours and hours coloring in them.
What product can you not live without?
I cannot live without my Laura Mercier foundation! It's very natural looking, smoothes out the skin tone without giving a cakey or heavy look. Looks very fresh and flawless!
What inspires you?
Fashion definitely inspires me, also color, art, and depending on the actual project I'm working on as to where I'll look for my inspiration.
What genre does your work focus on?
My work focuses mostly on beauty, editorial, and glamour, but I'm not just limited to those specific genres. I just love doing what I do, so as long as I'm doing makeup and transforming faces, I am content! 
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
It really depends on the specific project. For example, if it's a commercial print job, I look for someone that has that commercial look (girl-next-door type), and for fashion/editorial, it depends on the actual shoot and what the product or wardrobe is, and which particular model can pull it off. Of course, beautiful skin is a plus in my book! 


Bryan Gonzalez is a hair stylist in NYC. He works for Cutler Salon and is working passionately toward his career as an editorial stylist.


Marcus Jai provides a classic yet visionary perspective that understands the voice of global fashion today. With the effortless ability to make fashion speak, he is not reasoning with the standards of the industry, but raising them.

Marcus creates an expert look that is exquisitely complete, exemplifying your unique and distinctive requests. Through his consistent study and experience, Marcus captures the essence of your personal vision, incorporates his diverse edge for fashion and it translates into a vivaciously charismatic point of view that brings confidence to any suitor. By using the art of listening, he is able to identify your personal style and take it to the next level.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by my client's personality. There is nothing like seeing someone enter a room with confidence owning an outfit because it's expressively suitable yet uniquely them. I find fashion in everything and am inspired by old movies and art that is seen within the world.
What is your favorite store to shop at or brand?
I don't have any particular brand or shop that I would consider my favorite. I love unique pieces but the brands normally range from high fashion to accessible fashion. I feel you get the most out of fashion when you mix the two. The designers I favor would range from Alexander McQueen to Top Shop.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project that I have worked on was the Fantasia "Without Me" music video featuring Kelly Rowland. I had the opportunity to meet Jason Bolden. I love his styling techniques.
What is your personal style?
My personal style is very diverse. I mean, every day is different for me. It can range from classy to preppy to a relaxed hipster. Regardless of the theme of the day, it is always with an edge.
What genre does your work focus on?
I target celebrity styling for red carpet, editorials, and even their day-to-day wear, ensuring that they always look their best in case of paparazzi. The focus of Marcus Jai Enterprise is to change the lives of my clients one at a time by providing the diverse edge of fashion. 



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