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Ask Joey: Every Model Needs an Agent

Everybody in this business needs an agent and/or manager. Although it may seem like it's hard to get representation, it is possible - for everyone. It takes persistence and a lot of hard work. When I started my modeling career, it was a year of constantly knocking on doors, calling offices, leaving my comp card everywhere, and scheduling appointments to meet different of agents and managers. Out of 50 or more agents in New York - ONE thought I had it. That's all it takes, just one to believe in you.

To be honest, all agents are in the business to make money, like you. Therefore, they are only going to represent you if they feel you can make money for them. I know most agents will tell you to just send your pictures through email or mail, but the only way you can get someone to represent you is by meeting with them face-to-face.

I am a firm believer that personality has a lot to do with your look, maybe more.

People ask me all the time if they should go with an agency that offers exclusive representation. I would jump at the opportunity! That means they really like you and really believe in you. With an exclusive deal, you get to work more directly with the agency. As a freelance model, yes you get to be more flexible, but you don't get that tender loving care. You are going to get tired of talking to a voice on a phone; it is much better going into an office for a chat. Exclusivity is the way to go.

Get out there people! Take more photos, update your portfolio, and start searching for agencies to call. Find out if they are having open calls and go to them. If they have weekly open calls, go every week. Someone will notice you if you have the look and personality.

I was wondering what your advice would be for finding an agent and if there are certain agencies that are more interested in my type of look?


Well Brooklyn, it's hard to tell what your type is. Your only photo is of you laying on your back looking up into the air. Not seeing your full figure and face is really hard to tell what direction you should go in.

If your sizes are correct, you have the stats for fashion.

Like everyone else, you need to team up with a photographer on ModelWire Network and get some professional photos taken of yourself and start going on open calls. Any agent you can get to see is a plus!

By the way, I was born in Brooklyn - wonderful place.

I would like to know if Karin Models NY is currently holding open calls and if there was a sub-division of the agency in LA?


Karin Models NY has recently changed their name to MC2, and yes they do hold open calls. MC2 has two sub-divisions, one in Miami and one Israel.

The only Karin Models that I know is in Paris, but they do not have an office in LA. You should look up the ModelWire Fashion Directory and start finding an agency near you, look on their website, and see when they are having their open calls. You have the height for fashion, so get out there and see those agents.

I would love to be a part of Ford Model Management. If you are interested you can certainly view my portfolio.

Joseph Shaw

First of all, I am no longer with Ford Model Management. I started their men's division in the early seventies and later was the president, but I've moved on. I don't know your height so I can't give you much direction. All I can say is from your photos you have a nice look.

If you feel strongly about being a part of Ford, then call them. Pursue them; the worst thing that can happen is they say no, but at least then you will know. They also have open calls.

I just signed for a year with an agency based out of New York and I wanted to know what I should expect from them since they are to represent me? What are the negatives and positives about this? How do I need to be and what do I need to do as a client?


I don't think there are any negatives about this, only positives. They must love your look, to want to represent knowing you live in San Francisco. That to me is positive.

What you need to do is be proactive as a client. Stay on top of them. Keep sending them your new photos. Never let your portfolio get old. Just because you are repped doesn't mean you get to sit back and watch them work. If I was your agent, I would encourage you get more professional photos in your portfolio. Show them that you are serious. Take two weeks, go to New York, and tell them you are coming, so they can step-up meetings for you.

I'd love for you to critique my current portfolio. I'm striving to be a successful print model and have all these great pics and nowhere to go!! Can you give me any solid advice as to which agency I can submit to?


From your MWN profile, I see you live in Detroit. There are agencies in that area and I would advise you to start there. They can take you to the next level.

Your MWN portfolio conveys a lot of different looks. You also state in your "About Me" section that you are interested in runway and editorial work. You need to forget about those categories. At 5'5", you need to only focus on commercial print. I am glad you are also interested in acting because commercial print modeling goes hand-in-hand with acting. Continue to work on your book and like everyone today, start approaching agencies.

GET SERIOUS PEOPLE! You can't find an agency sitting at home. Send your photos, make appointments - that's the way to get an agent.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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