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Ask Joey: How Do You Become a Model?

Everyone wants to know. There are sites, books, events, etc. dedicated to answering this question. But it is not that easy!
You either have it or you don't (at least in fashion). There is no cookie cutter answer to this big question. Modeling is a very unique and a special business. I know everyone wants to be a model and they all claim they have what it takes. But as a model, you NEED to know what your, limitations are. The first thing you need to know, are you more fashion or are you more commercial?
You also need to be honest with yourself. If agents keep turning you down, there is most likely a reason. They may tell you to change up your book, get more editorial photos or get more commercial photos. When you have that face-to-face meeting with the new book and they're still not biting….then I think you need to ask yourself, "Should you be modeling?"

Most models who want to be models do not see the right agents. There are commercial agents and then there are fashion agents. Make sure you don't have a false understanding of your LOOK. So many kids keep going on telling themselves that "they've got it." And most agents don't want to be like Simon Cowell and they never say, "No you don't".

So kids, what I am trying to say is, don't have a false impression of yourselves. Go with your best assets and where you have the most talent. It is all about marketing yourself. Be proactive, look at the models that are being used for magazine ads, TV commercials, catalogs, editorial spreads. Ask yourself, "Who do I most resemble? Where do I fit? If you figured it out, that's your market.

Elena Lebedeva

I do have few questions before I take this further in my career. How do people get noticed? Do I need to go and take shoots like you see in Magazines? I love learning and I would like to know more for my knowledge. What do they seek for?

Eleana, I like your look, but you need more variety in your pictures. Also, how tall are you? You seem to me to be a commercial type model. If this is what you want to do and are serious, find a photographer, hair stylist and makeup artist on MWN and start collaborating together to make some great photos.

You have fabulous eyes. Make sure you keep that main photo of you, but you may want to get rid of the rest.


As you can see in my profile I'm not tall enough for runway, but I can do catalog print and hair modeling. How do I go about setting an image for myself? I've been trying really hard for a while now and still haven't gotten anywhere. I'm thinking about relocating from NY to LA because of more opportunities. I just need guidance because I know I have what takes to model clothes and hair etc. in magazine. I'm just really lost on how to book a deal or to get exposure.

You are going to have as much opportunity in NYC as you are in LA. Your next step is to find an agent or manager. Continually try to set yourself up with meetings and work on your book. You need more than 5 photos to impress an agency. I am glad you know that you are not a fashion model - that is the first step in making it in this business; knowing your weaknesses and focusing on your strengths. As a commercial print model, you need to work on your acting and the ability to read for TV commercials.

Also, LISTEN to the FEEDBACK from agents, managers and casting professionals that you meet. I know this is harsh, but you may want to set a time limit of how long you will continue to try to make it and think, "Is this the right industry for me?" before you go too long.
Kersten E

Joey, would you please take a look at the few pictures I have and tell me what area you think I am better suited for?
Kersten, I feel you have a great look and your pictures look good for Arkansas, but you need to move to a major market. At 5'7", you're more of the commercial type. Are you interested in acting? You should take some acting and cold-reading classes. Every commercial print model needs strong acting abilities.
Take advantage of the market. Asians are hot right now. You should be working.

Samuel Wolf

I have done modeling before, but nothing like I am trying to do right now to break into the business. Would you have any suggestions on what I would need to do to get some more print work in my career and be international?

You need to test shoot more. Not sure what you mean when you say you are trying to do things differently - your pictures are all the same. When I look at your pictures, all I can say is, you have great eyes. You really need more fashion photos. Find yourself a photographer on ModelWire Network. Know that you need to break-in locally before you can ever become international.

Was I too harsh? Let me know.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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