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Ask Joey: Personality is key!

Personality is key.  Especially when it comes to male models.  Because male models have to specific, you must have a good personality in order to stand out and compete with others.  Obviously, this needs to be apparent in your photos - if you have one look, you will not get the job.  It's as simple as that.  Try different looks.  Try smiling in some photos and not in others.  You need to give agents something to work with and if you stick to one look, they'll think you offer zero personality.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the competition and show off your personality!

Hi Joey!  I was very impressed by your profile.  I have a question for you regarding agencies.  Some of my friends who model are signed with big agencies, small agencies, or they're not represented.  The debate was whether or not you make more money and get more work as a model signing with an agency or trying to pick up work not represented.  What is your opinion on this subject?

 Signing is definitely the way to go.  You have an agent looking out for you at all times.  Remember, agents only sign models that they feel can make them money, not to just put their picture on a wall.  Sign sign!  If you find the right agent, they'll be able to set you up with jobs and go-sees.  Make sure you keep in touch with agent as well, especially if they have a ton of clients.
Where do you think I fit in?  I have tattoos covering my whole neck, am 6'2" but am really interested in modeling.

Because of your tattoos, it definitely limits you in the business.  Besides that, you have a great look but you only have one look in all of your photos.  You really need to start testing.  A great look and personality can come before not being the right sizes.  Work on your look and take more photos - 3 is surely not enough.
Hey Joey, I would love to get some advice on how to move forward with my modeling career.  I have an agent in San Diego but the market is relatively small and I would like to get an agent in LA.  Most agencies take a look at me and say they love my look but are worried about my height.  I understand there is nothing I can do about my height, but if nothing else I know I could do print work with my look.  

You do have a nice look.  But they are right, you are too short for fashion.  Go the commercial route and look for a commercial agent.  You need to do TV and Commercial print, that's where it's at for you and there are more of them than fashion agents in LA.  Work on your reading and acting skills because all actors do TV and commercial print, so make sure you keep up with the competition.  Also, all of your looks are the same - try smiling in some photos!
I have an agent in San Francisco and I've had some gigs here and there but I don't think they're right for me.  I'm currently trying to get to LA to find an agent.  What do you think of my look? 

You only have one look.  What it shows me is zero personality.  You have to work at it - take more photos.  You should only go to LA when you're ready and unfortunately, you are not.
I just wanted to know at this point, how to go about getting experience first.

You are starting a little late.  Which means, you definitely have to catch up and get more work.  You only have look in your photos - try different looks.  Fashion is definitely out of the question.  Your height and age limits you so you really need to start taking acting classes.  The way to get experience is to go out there and get work - but be aware of the competition.  Especially with acting and commercial modeling.  Stand out and show some personality!
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