Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Become an expert, don't rush it!

Sometimes photographers think they can just jump into the industry.  Yes, that's proven true when you're a natural talent - but it's important to realize your strengths and weaknesses and work hard on them.  You can't become an expert over night.  Take your time and truly become the best because if you show up to agency and look like an amateur, it will be a waste of time for the agency and you.  Take your time, become an expert at what you do and always work on improving.  Trust me, it will show. 

Will you take a look at my book now?  It's updated from the last time you saw it.  I took your advice and narrowed down my focus!

I like it!  You have a style to your photos and everyone looks good.  I like the way the clothes look so it definitely works for fashion.  It definitely pays off to stick to a specific genre and perfect it.  Looks great!
I love ModelWire Network, thank you for this.  I've aggressively tackled the "industry" for the past 17 months.  Goal one:  hone the skills, close the gap between myself and the guys that have been doing this for 10, 15 years as fast as possible.  I don't sleep much.  I'm testing the hell out of the agencies out here in LA, began submitting to the publications here at home and abroad.  I've put together a tip top set-up out here and a good team.  What next?  I need visibility and to be seen by the right people.  I'm confident I have a viable product here.  Set me straight!  And thank you for your time.

I love your pictures.  And the design of the shoots and the lighting show you definitely know what you're doing.  You need an agent now.  It looks like you're ready so go out there.  I would take a look at the ModelWire Directory and start collaborating with agencies in the area.  Your work is excellent - I don't think you'll have any trouble getting your foot in the right door.
I've seen your posts advising models on how to advance their careers and was wondering if you might have any suggestions for photographers.  My main interests have been beauty and fashion.  I've been testing for several agencies for awhile but seem to have hit the wall on progressing any further.  Thank you for any input you might have.

I think you need a lot more fashion shots.  All of your photos are beauty shots.  You hit the wall because you're not doing anything different.  Get out of there and be different - develop a style for yourself.  Also, you have to have more than 7 photos - put your best ones up.  They're good photos, but I would work on more fashion.
My name is Fred and I just got into Photography and am looking to build my portfolio.  I have shot a couple of models so far and trying to pick a variety of sizes and ethnic backgrounds.  I would like to get into the modeling photography field.  Can  you view my pictures I have and give some feedback?  Thank you!

You need better models!  Also, the pictures are very amateur.  If you want to do fashion photography, focus on that.  Work with an agency, but to be truthful, I don't see that happening.  You need to put a lot more time and effort into your work.  
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