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ASK JOEY: Be Proactive!

So many people ask how they can get started in the industry. It's actually quite simple - be proactive! You aren't going to have agents knocking on your door to sign you. You need to make the initiative and go out and get your face out there. Meet with agencies, attend networking parties, talk to other models. The more people you know, the more you'll be able to get your name and face out there.  Check out the resources in front of you - MWN is a great tool to update your portfolio (network with photographers) and if you check out the ModelWire Fashion Directory, you can get a good start on which agencies to contact. Get out there and good luck!

I am trying to get on a good track in the industry and I'm seeking representation. If you don't mind reviewing my small portfolio, I would be grateful and open to any advice you have to give.

 You definitely have a small portfolio but you have a good look.  Before you spend any money on pictures, go and see some agents.  I know I make it sound easy, but just keep calling and trying.  The agent that chooses you will work with you and build your portfolio and get you the jobs you need.  Get out there!
I am with Major in Milan and Mannequin in Singapore. I am currently looking for a new mother agency here in New York and I was wondering if you could refer me to one. Check out my blog - I am constantly updating it with a lot of photos and shows. Thank you!
You have a great look! Why don't you go with Major in NYC?  They have an excellent Men's Department.  If you are signed with an agency in a different region, they are more than likely to sign you with another region.  It would be a great start and Major is a good agency to be part of.  If not, I'm sure you would have no problems finding another agency - again, your look is amazing and you have the proper sizes and stats.
Do I have the look for high fashion based on the portfolio I have on MWN? Please critique my photos because I love hearing constructive criticism. I really would like your expertise and your help as I am pursing my career.

You have a great look and a good portfolio.  You just have to find the right agent.  Miami is a good place to start even if it's seasonal.  Otherwise, I would suggest going to New York and getting an agent there.  It comes down to personality - meet with agents and show it off.  People forget that sometimes.  You have to be someone that people will want to work with.
I read about what you do and I think it's great. I went into Ford and they said they would sign me if I was 18 and just starting out in the industry. My question for you is, do you think I could get signed with an agency and what agencies do you think would pick me up? Any tips or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I like your look but it's more commercial than high fashion. Find yourself a commercial agent - there are plenty in LA. Update your portfolio with more commercial-like photos. Try putting a shirt on in some of your photos. You need to be able to fit a commercial look which is everything from the beach to the office. You have a good look though so just keep at it!
If I want to model the latest styles in mens fashions and suits, what the best way to get the attention of a modeling agency? I ask this because I want to know if they are more interested in the International look as opposed to the domestic styles worn here in the States. 

There's one thing to remember - YOU are the look.  The clothes do not make the man.  You have a nice look but you are more commercial than high fashion.  Make sure the clothes fit well in your portfolio photos, especially with suits.  Keep up to date with the latest in trends and make sure you showcase that knowledge in your portfolio photos. Agents are more interested in the model, not the clothes.
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