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ASK JOEY: Finding The Right Agent

Whether you are new to the business or have experience and are looking for a change, finding the right agent can be tough. Start with smaller agencies who will get you out there while you build your portfolio. Take your time and find someone who you will work well with, and always be cautious when meeting with unknown agents or scouts. Some will try to take advantage of models eager to get repped. Use your best judgement and you'll find the perfect fit!

I would love any advice you might have about acquiring a modeling manager/agent. I know I have what it takes, I just need to be in the right room. Any advice you have on how I can improve my portfolio would also be more than appreciated.

Your look is more on the commercial side of the modeling business so definitely keep working on your acting as well. You've got a good start to your portfolio, but it could be broader in terms of different types of pictures. You have a lot of headshots, which are great for meeting with talent agents for commercial work, but you'll need more diversity to sign with a print agency. (Try collaborating with some photographers on MWN who have good fashion shots in their portfolios.) Luckily you are in L.A., so make appointments and insist on seeing agents in person! 
I would love to hear some constructive criticism. Please take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think. Also, I've been contacted by a modeling scout who claims to place models with all the top agencies. We have set up a meeting at a cafe because he says he works more from a home office. Does this seem legit? It's hard to tell in this business who's real and who's trying to scam you.  
Your portfolio could use a little work, but it's definitely in the right place to get you in the door. If the agents like you, they will get you tested. As for model scouts, some are honest and some are not - you really have to trust your gut. Meet him in a cafe and feel him out. Find out who he scouts for and make a call to find out if he's telling the truth and the agency knows him. Whatever you do, do NOT give him any money. If he places you with an agent, the agency will pay him.
It is my dream to be represented by FORD. I have read so much about the agency and I like how they mold their models into success stories. I know you are asked this question all the time but what does FORD look for in a model? I'm 5'9" and have an interesting look. I wish FORD had open calls because I would love to meet with someone and show them my portfolio. Any suggestions?
FORD does hold open calls. (You can find out when and where they are here.) You can also submit to them online. For FORD, your book will need some work. Definitely more fashion shots. Since you are in New York, there are a lot of agencies like FORD you can interview with. Most will have open calls, so find out when and get out there and meet with as many as you can!
I have two small agencies in L.A. but have been trying to go with a bigger agency. L.A. Models said I was cute but the wrong bone structure, elite said they have girls that look like me, and FORD, Vision, Photogenics, etc. all just said no. Any advice? Are they politely telling me I suck?
They are not telling you that you suck, simply that you're not right for them right now! For now, stay with the smaller agents that are getting work for you. Most people would die to have a rep working for them. Take this time to work on expanding your book and defining your look. It's all about timing. 
I was with Vision in New York and am eager to get with an agency in L.A. Who should I go to first and how should I go about doing it?
Why not Vision in L.A.? If you are still repped in NY or parted on good terms, they should be able to set it up. They have a well run agency in L.A., so that's definitely where you should start. Also, MWN has scouting features for ModelWire agencies and you don't have any stats on your profile. Make sure to add them so you're not overlooked!
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