Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

Meet our featured members of the month for August! If you are interested in being featured, please feel free to contact us at  If you are interested in working with any of our members, send them messages via their ModelWire Network profiles! ModelWire Network is about socializing and creating a fashion network - so get out their and network with people that share the same passion as you! Enjoy the rest of summer!


We're thrilled to have Jordan as this month's featured model. Check out her portfolio here!


"Given the eye of art, I started in the industry in 2004 with zero knowledge in photography. I started shooting landscapes and made a shift in portraits photography in 2010. My motivation is to do something different and unusual. I love to try new things and am shooting mostly fashion, beauty, and editorial." 

Sophia is a New York based Makeup Artist and has been a professional makeup artist for over 2 years. She has always had an interest in makeup  - as a child, she would always play with her mother's makeup and try on her clothes (as most little girls do). There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted a career in the beauty/fashion industry.
Her transition into makeup artistry was a smooth one because she started an independent Avon representative and had access to an unlimited amount of makeup. Her growing customers would constantly ask about makeup application or wanted their makeup done. After a couple of successful sessions, Sophia decided to take a makeup course at NYC Chic Studio. There she learned the history of makeup products, application preparation, and business etiquette. Soon after, she was freelancing, networking and began doing photo shoots, music videos and movies.  She has met and worked with several people. In the future, Sophia plans on creating a line of makeup brushes as well as a clothing line - merging her two passions together.

Karl is a hair and SFX makeup artist from Hong Kong. He has been living and working in Los Angeles for the past 5 years. 

Stylist Dahlia Jean Weinstein holds an Associate of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida. She has 18-plus years of experience working the fashion industry. Dahlia specializes in creating contemporary, cutting-edge fashion shows and fashion editorial features for lifestyle magazines, newspapers and online fashion sites. In 2007, she was the founding editor-in-chief of the luxury lifestyle publication, Denver Magazine, where she conceptualized, styled and produced all of the fashion features during her tenure. From 1999-2007, as society columnist for the Rocky Mountain News, Dahlia produced a daily column as well as special fashion, lifestyle, architecture and d├ęcor features. From 1995-1999, Dahlia produced all of the fashion editorial content as the associate editor for high-end Miami magazines, Fashion Spectrum and Channel. Dahlia's sophisticated style guides her editorial projects from inception to production to final publication.



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