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ASK JOEY: Being Commercial Isn't Bad

I know sometimes I can sound like a broken record, but if you want to model and don't have the height, you need to embrace the fact that you will have to go the commercial print and TV route. As I mention in a response below, most of us are born commercial types and very few have the sizes for fashion. The good news is, there will always be more opportunities in the commercial world. The sooner you realize the niche you belong in, the better off you'll be. Find a commercial agent who will help nurture your career and ride the bus in the direction it's going. If you have the talent and the drive, there's no telling where it will take you.

I've been struggling with having "the perfect face" but being "too big" for agencies like Elite and Ford and "too small" for plus size agencies. At this point, I'm lost. Would you mind giving me some advice on where to turn next?

You are definitely a commercial model/actress, so you'll have to face the fact that you'll do well in TV and commercial print. I would suggest trying to start by finding a commercial agent you can work well with who will get you out on auditions. I would suggest getting some more variety of photos in your portfolio - not just swimwear. You need to be versatile as a commercial model or talent. Redo some of the shots in your book and get out there to meet with commercial agents.
I am a plus size model, and I want to get into print. I realize plus fitting models and print models, even in the plus industry, have different requirements. What do you think is the best way to transfer? Do I have to start from scratch?
You have to market yourself as a commercial model and actress. The pictures you have currently can work to help you get an agent, you just have to see the right agents. If you're not the right height for fashion, whether your plus or not, you can pretty much forget it. Most people are born commercial types and not fashion models. You're still a bit on the short side for fashion, so I would suggest finding yourself a commercial agent you like and going from there. You're close to the San Francisco market, so there will be a good amount of work to be had there.
I am 50 years old and very fit. I am only 5'4" and have not been able to find representation due to my height and age (and possible other factors I'm not aware of). I believe there is a niche market for me and have been submitting to job postings with no success. My primary desire would be print work. Do you have any suggestions on how to get started?
You have to do print and TV. Go commercial and you'll find more success. You say you did fitness modeling - is that not print? You need a variety of pictures and you need to find a commercial agent to start. Most models/commercial types have been doing this since they were in their twenties or younger - they grew up in the business. It's not easy to break into when you get older, but I like your look and think you can find success. You should take a few commercial acting classes and submit yourself to agencies. Chances are they won't have a lot of your type on their books, so you should be able to find someone you want to work with who can submit you for jobs.
I'm curious on what is the best way into the fashion industry. I work had and bring a lot to the table with everything I do. I am a dancer, so I know what it is to perform and emote. What do you think would be the best way for me to book that first job? 
You're going to have to forget fashion modeling because you don't have the height for it. If you are serious, work on your book. Your pictures are all the same. You need to get out of your dance mode and get into commercial print mode. Get a few commercial headshots to add into the mix, since you are a TV and commercial print type. Take a few acting classes and find a commercial agent if you don't already have one. You're close to LA so there will be plenty of opportunities for class and a variety of agencies to submit to. If you don't have an agent yet, don't be afraid to start with a smaller boutique agency that will help develop your career.
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