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ASK JOEY: International Relations

No matter where you are in the world, most models and actors dream of working internationally. To do so, you need to know what types of documentation is required to work abroad, and whether or not there is potential for success when you are just starting out. My best piece of advice is to find an agent locally who has contacts or works with a branch office overseas that believes in you. Depending on union regulations, it's not as simple as hopping on a plane and booking work. Speak with your agent, who can offer you advice and paint a realistic portrait of the opportunities that may be available to you and how they can help. Trust me, if they can get you work anywhere, they will!

I'm a Ukrainian model and just moved to NY so I would like to proceed with modeling here as well. I don't know where to start. What would you advise me to do?

Do you have a work permit or green card for the US? You'll need one to be able to work anywhere in the country. You have enough pictures in your book to start setting up meetings with agents. You live in NYC and there are plenty there to contact! You're not tall enough for fashion, so I would suggest setting up meetings with commercial agencies and go from there. The work permit and/or greed card definitely need to be your first step though. No agent will be able to get you work if you aren't legally able to do so here in the US.
Most people tell me that I should do some modeling. I did it when I was in my 20s but stopped to finish school. I'm now turning 31 and don't know where to start again and get a stronger portfolio. I'm working with a modeling agency in London, but they send me out and I don't have the same success because I'm like the same experience as girls who've been doing this longer. Do you think I have a chance for success in London? Any tips on how to learn to pose better?
You are very pretty - I'm sorry you didn't keep up on the modeling but definitely try to jump back in! At your age, especially in a smaller market where they use the same girls for years, it's almost like a steady job for them and not much work to go around for others. Keep trying, you never know what could happen. If you want to update your portfolio, see if your agency has any photographers they'd set you up to test with, or if you can find someone in your area who will shoot with you for trade. It's a lower cost way to get some new photos!
I was wondering what you thought about modeling overseas for a girl like me who hasn't had HUGE jobs but I get good jobs and work consistently. My dream would be to travel and model but I'm not sure how to get signed with an agency out of the country or how that works. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me in particular? I am quite commercial and have dabbled in acting as well. How do I go about pursuing these things more seriously and getting bigger jobs that will allow me to travel professionally?
If you are a commercial type model here in the States, the market overseas is not open for Americans, especially in Europe. They only use actors and models from their country. The unions control the business there as SAG-AFTRA does here. The only models that work there from the US are fashion models. I don't know what's going on in Asia for you, but they DO work with foreign fashion models. The way most models work overseas is through their agents here who have contacts in foreign countries. If you have an agent here, ask them if they have a branch or contacts they work with overseas that they could set you up with.
What do you think the possibilities are of me getting signed with Ford? Wilhelmina Los Angeles wanted to sign me, but I have no working US Visa yet. I'm a German citizen and have an EU passport, a lot of strong references, and worked really hard in NY a few years ago. How can I get an agency in the US to rep me without a Visa, when I need an agency in order to get a Visa?
I'm sorry to say, but you do have a problem with the Visa. It's a terrible catch-22. If you find an agent who really believes in you and that you can book, they will sign you and help you get the Visa. You have to find the one who believes in you and will take you on without it.
I really want to be a model, but in my home country (New Zealand) I am too short to get any modeling work. I am an actress and promo girl for my university, but my dreams are bigger than that. Do you think I have the right look for the US?
Unfortunately, you are too short for fashion modeling in the US as well. Work as an actress if you have the training! Actors from New Zealand and Australia are hot right now. Pick up on it! You could work in the US as a commercial model and actress, but like I said, without the height, fashion is going to be out for you in any market.
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