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ASK JOEY: Your Book Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Find An Agent

Agency questions come my way more often than any other type of advice request. I know I've said it before, but you don't have to have a perfect (or what you think is perfect) book before you start meeting with agents. Every agent is different, but the majority just want a few good, simple shots when you're starting out. Don't waste your time and money on pictures when agents will set up test shoots if they want to work with you. Your agent will know what types of shots to add to your portfolio based on how they want to sell you. And let's face it, a lot of models struggle because they think they're one thing (fashion) when they're another (commercial).

I live in LA and have been trying to break into the modeling industry but with very little success. I'm wondering if I'm in the right market for my look. I've been to agencies both small and large, and am finding little interest. People tell me I should be modeling all the time, but I'm thinking I have to leave LA to do it...thoughts?

I hardly ever have to say this, but you're actually too tall for fashion, so you'll have to focus on commercial print and TV. I would not suggest that you leave LA, as it has a huge commercial market. Were you only approaching modeling agents? Stay put and try to find a commercial agent. Work on your acting skills, even if just in commercial acting classes. 
If you know how I could better push myself in the industry, please let me know. I accept any advice and criticism. A few agencies wanted me to work for Zara, J. Crew, etcetera and had me shooting with big models in the industry. Sometimes, when jealousy and envy are involved, it turns out that it becomes a serious competition instead of collaboration for certain people.
Competition is what it's all about! The better model gets the job. Unfortunately, you're at a shoot to work, not make friends, and while you can't control the actions of other models, you can control your behavior. If you act professionally, that's what the people who can hire you again will remember. Your collaboration is with your agent, not with other models. You live in NYC and say you work with local agents. I think you can use more fashion in your portfolio, so see if any of the agents you work with can set you up with some test shoots to round out your book.
I had a question about getting into the modeling world and the best way to go about contacting agencies. I am currently working on my head shots and photos to get my portfolio finished. Once I have my portfolio together, what would you suggest my next best move be?
Your next best move is to find an agent! You live in New York, and there are lots of them. Big and small. Don't spend too much money on pictures, just get a few. Let the agent that wants to represent you work on a portfolio with you. They will know just what they need in order to sell you, and can point you in the right direction in terms of photographers and looks. Get on the phone and start calling to set up appointments with agents!
I'm in the process of submitting to a few agencies, including Ford. What is the best way for me to submit my portfolio and what type of shots are needed? If you could look at my profile and let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback and advice on what my next step should be.
Your portfolio is good enough to find an agent. Let the agent that wants to rep you help work on additional pictures. They know if you're the type of model that can book from looking at one or two pictures. Then they will create your book around a look that will sell. Check the agency websites (or call the ones you want to submit to) to find out how they accept and prefer submissions. Some will do open calls, some will set meetings, and some will allow you to submit online. Each agency is different. 
How do I make it in the fashion world when I'm only 5'10"? All the other male models are 6' and above. I know it's rare for models my height to get to walk runways, especially big ones like NY Fashion Week. How do I approach agencies knowing that most will be highly critical of my height.
The male models below 6' only get agents to overlook a few inches by having a look that completely knocks them out. My advice to you would be to go commercial. There are a lot more agencies to work with and a lot more opportunities as far as booking job. You can always start there and continue looking for a modeling agent. If you find one who wants to work with you, you can always have two agents - one for commercials and one for print.

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