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Personality is Important For Photographers

When meeting with an agency, it's important for a photographer to showcase not only their best work but their personality.  Personality is key in building relationships with an agency - you are going to be dealing with their models so they need to trust that you can produce you great work.  It's not enough to be great at what you do, but you also need to be able to get along with models, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc.  If personalities clash, or there's a lack thereof, it will show in the photos.  Make sure to bring something to the table - not just your work but your willingness to get the job done and the fact that you'll be able to do with a smile on your face!  No one wants to work with someone who doesn't put everything on the table.  Be open, showcase your personality and most importantly have fun!

I'm a pro-amateur photographer in a life changing moment.  I love to create beauty and fashion images, so I"m approaching agencies to test with their new faces.  But unfortunately, I believe I'm doing something wrong in my approach.  Do you have any advice on how to start testing for an agency?  How to start a relationship?  What steps would be important to follow?  

I really like your photos.  You make women look beautiful.  You show more of the beauty in your photos than the fashion.  I must say, you have the right idea - you have to start working with agencies and testing their new models.  It takes time to get them to be able to trust you and depend on you to produce great test shots.  I would suggest taking the person who runs the new faces division to lunch.  Be persistent and show them your personality and hard work ethic.  You're in New York City so there are tons of agencies to test.  Here's where your sales skills will come in handy!  Sell yourself!
I am a retoucher.  I would like to first ask if you plan on adding this profession as an option for MWN?  And on a more personal note, what would you suggest I do to get noticed by major publications?  I do not have representation at this point.  I have a growing reputation in the plus size industry, however I really want to do more high fashion work for major magazines.  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I like what you do and your feelings about it.  Yes, ModelWire Network will have it as an option in the near future.  I'm not on top of what you do but I know how to sell myself and you should too.  Make meetings with all of the publications and create projects that you feel will appeal to each one of them and ultimately sell your work.  You are in a unique line of work, people should be knocking on your door for work.
Hi Joey, can you please review my portfolio?  I currently live in LA but am originally from NYC.  I have been assisting fashion photographers like Dove Shore, Luke Wooden, Sylvie Blum and Nathaniel Golberg but am looking to move back to New York.  Do you know of any photographers in NYC looking for an assistant?  Thank you for your time!

I like what you do but I don't have any leads for you.  Try posting projects on ModelWire Network and see what comes up.  It's important to be proactive and actively seek connections on your own - in this business, you can't always rely on other people.  It's all about networking, so go out and network.
I recently had a meeting with a local talent (commercial) agency here and they are going to allow me to test with their new faces.  Could you take a look at my portfolio here on ModelWire Network and give me your honest opinion in regards to representation and overall opinion of my work?  In a perfect world I would love to work with an agency or get work with a magazine but having a strong team behind me is very important which brings me back to my first topic - for someone like myself, seeking to build a team, what are your recommendations?  My mind/heart is telling me to get out while I can! 

The problem with most photographers is they try to do too much.  I love the head shots and your lighting looks great.  The rest just don't have it.  You need to work on your fashion shots.  You have talent but you need to realize that the fashion and beauty industry go hand in hand - so use MWN to find a team.  It's good to have a set team to work with because you trust them more and are able to accomplish the same goals.
I requested to do test shoots for agency models and unexpectedly I have been invited to meet with an agency in LA.  They asked me to bring my "books."  What do you recommend I bring and what does the meeting entail?  I appreciate your advice.

That's great!  You have your foot in the door.  Bring only your very best photos - specifically beauty and fashion shots.  Keep it one book to make things look clean and easy.  They will also want to get to know you and how you work.  They're going to trust that you know how to work with their models so bring your best personality and best work.  Good luck!  
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