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What it takes to be a Fashion Model

I get asked this all the time.  I thought I'd break it down into different parts.  1) There are certain physical requirements that you must be born with.  I always say - God makes Fashion models.  2) There is a right time for the look that you're selling.  You may be right physically but your look is wrong for the current trend.  For example, the "heroin chic" look or the beautiful face and body look.  They say fashion model looks are in the eye of the agent and the fashion editor - they always know what they're looking for.  3) There are exceptions to the requirements (i.e. Kate Moss), but that only happens once in a blue moon.  Don't place your bets on becoming a Kate Moss.  You can thank Calvin Klein for that. 

Commercial Print modeling is where most models tend to fall in.  If you don't fit into the above requirements, then you chance yourself on going into a casting and being what they are looking for.  You must find the RIGHT agent.  There are lots of casting calls on the internet but beware that some will be scams.  Also, remember that most actors are also Commercial Print models.  Therefore, the competition is great.  From my personal experience, to make it in the business, you must have the desire and the drive to make it but most importantly, it's your personality.  You are working with people who just like you, want respect.  If you have "the whole package" but you can't get along with everyone, you won't get any work.  So do things that make yourself stand out and show your personality. 

Hi Joey!  I've been looking to get into the industry for awhile now.  I was wondering if you think I have potential.  I have little experience and I love it!  This is what I want to do with my life.  It's my dream and I will do just about anything to achieve it.  Any advice on where to start or recommendations?

I think you have a great look for TV and Commercial Print.  Your pictures look good but you need a head shot and some business attire shots.  Get into an acting class and find the right agent for your type.  Overall, I think you have potential.  But remember - the competition is intense so be ready to work really hard.
I have been modeling for almost two years now and I have hundreds of photos.  But I need tips on how to build a resume and portfolio.  Can you give me some tips on helping me?  It would be very appreciated and helpful if you could. 

You have a very nice look.  Your book is very commercial though.  I think you need more "suit" photos and some that we call boy-girl shots.  Go out and find an agent - I think you have a good chance.  Make sure you connect with people on MWN - you can find photographers to collaborate with.    
How would someone like myself get into modeling as a career and get paid to do it? I'm very interested in getting my foot in the door.  I need a mentor like yourself.  I did a photo shoot for Model Search NYC and they ended up making me pay.  I didn't get anywhere! 

You only have 2 pictures.  Is that what you paid for?  You were ripped off.  Also, you don't list any attributes on your Portfolio.  Are you two feet tall or 10 feet tall?  Get serious if you want to get into the business.  You have a good look - but it takes more than that to make it.
I was hoping for a little feedback about the best way to get jobs for print modeling based on where I am in my acting/modeling career.  I am brand new and have a limited portfolio.  I am also 39 but still in good shape, very fit and am guessing there is a niche for me somewhere.  My first step was going to be to set up a new project here seeking photographers for a TFP kind of deal.  I am looking for the best ways to get modeling jobs in terms of who or where to target.  I am also wondering if seeking an agent is the best way to go - I am currently with Plaza 7 Talent and Modeling agency but I think I'd like a fresh start.  Thanks again for your help!  Please offer any feedback you can on anything I just mentioned.  

You have a very interesting look.  You're an actor which is a plus for TV and Commercial modeling.  Yes, an agent is a must.  You live in Philadelphia so there are lots of agents to see you.  You should work on your portfolio.  You have too many of the same photos.  Less is best - remember that.  Contact people on the site to work with.
What do you look for in a potential male model?  Do I have a look or should I stick to acting? 

I think you have an interesting look.  But 6'3" is too tall for fashion modeling.  Start testing with agencies - if you want to model you may get lucky and find somebody who likes your look.  
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