Thursday, May 3, 2012

Agency Spotlight: Industry Model Group

Industry Models is a boutique-by-design, New York styled agency, based in Los Angeles.  In maintaining a very select clientele, Industry Models is able to better concentrate efforts on a much higher, personalized level of service and offer family-styled attention. Interested in and concerned with all aspects of a model's career, Industry is a management-minded agency who never loses sight of the big picture.  It has the unique advantage of accessing the highest caliber of fashion and advertising clients in the world - with the ability to call on already existing, strong relationships within the working community.
Owned by Federico Pignatelli, Industry Models is an Art & Fashion Group company, one in a stable of enterprises which includes Pier 59 Studios, Pier 59 Studios West and AFG Management.

Pier 59 Studios West, located in Santa Monica's creative hub of Bergamot Station, is home to Industry Models and a burgeoning commercials division, Industry Talent. With no other photography studio as technologically advanced or as glamorous as Pier 59 in Los Angeles, Industry has been attracting a diverse range of A-list clientele.

Telephone:  310-691-7900
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