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Criticism will happen

As more and more of you will start going to agencies, it is important to understand that agents will most likely provide you with some constructive criticism and advice.  It's important to really take all of this in and actually follow their advice.  Remember - in this business, the competition is extreme.  You need to constantly stay in the game and be the best that you can be in hopes of standing out and landing that big gig.  Agents are there to help you - they know what they're doing, what they want and how to market you.  So take their advice and actually use it.  There's no point of getting mad or not taking criticism.  You want to improve your modeling career, not keep it stagnant.

I am currently looking for representation and plan on making modeling my career if I can.  What do you think of my look?  I am currently planning a trip down to LA.  I have a couple of meetings with some agencies, but I wanted to ask you, how should I prepare and what should I expect when I go to see these agencies?  I have experience in runway, print and commercial modeling but only here in Las Vegas.  My passion is runway.  Do you think I meet the requirements for the agencies in LA?  In terms of my portfolio, what can I improve on and what other photos do I need?  Any advice would be appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

 I believe your look is right for LA.  Your book definitely needs work though.  But that can wait until you find an agent and they should be able to tell you what type of pictures you need for them to best represent you.  They are the ones that know what sells and how to market you.  Who is your agent in Las Vegas?  Do they have an LA branch or can they set up meetings with agents in LA?  It's to their benefit because they will make a mother agency commission on your work.  If after you meet a few agents and they turn you down, then you have no choice but to revamp your book on your own.  Just get in to see them and it should all fall into place.  
I would like for your opinion on how I can improve my portfolio and where would be the best place to go in order to get noticed and network more with legit people in the entertainment industry. 

You live in the largest market in the world for modeling, TV and film - New York City!  You have to get out there and make meetings with agents and managers.  Test with new photographers.  You can find some on MWN.  You have a good look for commercial modeling - get a commercial agent and take an acting class to compete with everyone else.  NYC is the Big Apple.  People in the business would kill to have the opportunity to live and work there.  Take advantage of it!  You will need better pictures though - but meet with agents and ask what they feel you need to have in your book.
When you have the time, please go over my portfolio on here and let me know what you think.  Any advice and criticism would be great.  A while ago, I applied to the Ford Models site and nothing happened.  I plan to reapply in hopes to get into Ford.  I really have not done much but seen a few photographers.  I'm just slowly learning but I hope you have great advice to help me out!  I would love to go further than where I am now.

For Ford fashion modeling you do not fit the height requirements.  You must be at least 5'9".  You are a commercial model.  You need acting skills to be able to compete with the massive amount of commercial models.  Also, get off the beach and put some clothes on.  You can be sexy in a business suit.  Go see commercial agents and work with people on MWN to get some new photos.  See the commercial department at Ford, not fashion.  
I would love for you to take a look at my portfolio and tell me what I need to improve on!  I want to get it right and getting advice from you is an honor!  

You only have one head shot.  You need to work on a portfolio that people can actually look at.  You need a variety of photos for modeling.  You might be too short for most fashion agencies.  If you're serious you really need more photos.  One is not going to get you anywhere.  The competition out there is harsh - do anything you can to keep up.
If you have a moment to review my portfolio, I would be interested to know what you think.

You have a commercial look.  Look at the market you live in.  Is there enough work?  You may need to move to a bigger city.  It seems you have a good job and you do have a family.  Maybe you should just enjoy modeling as a hobby and just as something to make extra money.  It just really depends on how serious you are about your modeling career.  
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