Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The All Around Male Model

I can't stress enough how different a male model is from a female one.  The male model must be really versatile.  You need to have different type of photos in your portfolio in order to be the "all around guy" that agencies are looking for.  Successful male models are a rarity - most of you will fit into the commercial print category.  This means your photos should show you in normal casual clothes, suit and tie outfits and some athletic ones.  Remember, a male model has to be able to do it all in order to make any money.  Take some acting classes and compete for those commercial gigs.  If you make it as a male model, then you've truly made it.     

Please review my photos and bio.  Let me know your thoughts and what your professional eye sees regarding look and what I'd best be suited for.  Your time is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

I think you have a good look for TV and commercials.  You have the right sizes for fashion but not the right look that is selling today.  Also, if you want to pursue the fashion part you need to test in suits and ties much more.  I think you should definitely push the TV and commercial print area though - go see commercial agents.
I was wondering when and where does air brushing photos enter into the photo submission realm?  In 2011, I saw a lot of perfect and flawless pictures of models on MWN but I wouldn't know an air brushed or re-touched image if I saw one.  How can an agency tell the difference?

Honestly, they really can't tell unless they see you in person.  That why if you get the call, you better look like your pictures.  Otherwise they'll kick you out faster than you came in.  So the  bottom line is to not airbrush your photos because it's embarrassing for you and a waste of time for both parties.  I think your photos look good, but I would suggest smiling a little more.  
If you could take a look at my pictures and give me an honest review of what you think.  Do you think I could do print modeling?  I am always looking to work and network with passionate people like yourself.

You are a little short for fashion but you have a really nice look.  Get some fashion photos in your portfolio.  It's worth taking a shot for both fashion and commercial agent.  If you have a background in acting, it gives you an edge for commercial print.  Overall, you have a great look so go out there and give it a try!
I get a great deal of offers from photographers who want to do TFP shoots.  I will accept them if I feel I need their particular style or concept for my port.  Maybe you can tell me if I'm missing anything or can advise me in any way that would round out my profile and make me more desirable for magazines and print agencies.

You have an interesting look but it's only one type of look.  Body shots will limit you in this market.  And you're a little too short for fashion but not for TV and commercial print.  Put on a suit and tie - you can't limit yourself to one look; you have to do it all as a male model to make any money.  Especially in this business - it's very important to be versatile!
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