Thursday, November 29, 2012

ASK JOEY: Make Sure To Sign A Release

We often get caught up in the excitement of a photo shoot that we forget about the logistics.  Folks, please remember to sign some sort of contract or waiver.  With every photo shoot, models are usually asked to sign releases in order to use those images.  If you forget to sign something, please be advised that photographers are allowed to use your images because you agreed to do the shoot.  Be careful!  Although the glitz and glamor of modeling can be great, it is still a business.  Good luck!

I currently get some work and everyone I meet tells me I have a great high fashion look, but I haven't been able to land any big jobs yet.  Based on my look, is there anything that you would recommend? 

 You do have a high fashion look but you don't have any high fashion photos.  I would suggest doing some more test shoots.  Use ModelWire Network to contact a photographer (there are plenty in New York).  Don't go overboard - take some suit shots and some with an elegant female model.  You shouldn't have any trouble getting representation.  And an agent would surely help you land that big gig.
I am really trying to figure out where my modeling career is going.  I've done mostly fashion - I even did a photo shoot with Ralph Lauren that was published in the GQ September issue.  But I want to take my career into full speed.  I get tons of compliments on my look and am very confident in myself.  I know I can do it.  Please help me out!

If you worked for Ralph Lauren then you should have the tear sheets.  They should be in your portfolio.  You should also take more photos .  You have way too many pictures with the same white suit.  Get an agent to take you to the next level.  But first things first - perfect your portfolio.  I don't see anything special right now based on it.  Once you get new photos, you'll be able to get more work!
I'm a commercial/fashion model trying to get to the next level.  I'm 6'0" and also work as a personal trainer so I stay in pretty good shape.  I don't have an agency as of right now but want to get signed.  Any advice or criticism from you would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

You are a commercial model but you need more photos.  Commercial models need to be able to show off all types of looks, so get those photos.  You need a lot of "real people" shots with different situations.  I can't stress enough to add more photos to your port.  You have a good look though!
The industry is tough and I'm currently signed to a small agency (KSR Management) but I have met with Paul Nelson from Wilhemina and another agent for Ford.  They both were interested in me but ultimately I was still out of shape back then.  I was 250 lbs and now I'm 185 and hitting the gym on a regular basis. 

You have one photo in your portfolio.  If you are serious about this, get more photos.  Once you have more photos, you can show more agencies. But right now - one photo and look isn't going to cut it.  
I was wondering what you thought of my portfolio on this site and how I can improve my chances at getting an agent.

You're a commercial model - smile more.  You're so intense in your photos, have more fun in your photos.  I would suggest also taking acting classes because you're going to have to compete with actors for the commercial modeling jobs.  Make sure you revamp your portfolio before you go out for any jobs.  Again, you only have look and you're going to need a lot more in order to land those gigs! 
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