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ASK JOEY: Photographers - constantly change up your portfolio!

Sorry for the brief hiatus - I've been doing a lot of traveling and meeting with models and agents all over the world.  But I'm back now and am answering questions from some photographers on MWN!  This week, I suggest that photographers constantly change up your portfolio.  Why?  Because you should always more than the same 10 photos.  Some of the profiles on MWN I notice are the same from a year ago - we all know you've taken more recent photos.  Keep everything up-to-date and make sure you choose a specialty - are you high fashion, commercial or fitness?  Stick to one category - otherwise, your portfolio will come off as too much.  Plus, when agents look at your photos, they want to know that you are an expert in the area you are needed and that your focus is right in tact.   

If I have a paid job for one or more models, how do I let the ModelWire Network community find out about it without having to send out individual messages to everyone?  By the way, you are developing an awesome site with high quality people on it.  I really appreciate the level of models you have on here!

It's very easy to get models for your shoots on our site.  You simply have to post a project in your PROJECTS page.  Be very specific of what you're looking for.  Once it is approved, it will show up on the universal PROJECTS page and people can submit from there.  You won't be able to see it on your projects page because it's your project, but trust me - everyone else can see it.  Once people start submitting, you can find them on that same projects page.  If you ever need assistance you can contact support at  They can also help you blast it on MWN's Facebook and Twitter if you want to get more submissions.  
Please take a look at my work and tell me what I can improve on.  Feel free to be brutally honest! 

I like your photos because you have a certain style which is well defined.  My question is what type of work are you looking for?  Your pictures can get you work as a photographer on a video shoot and lead to directing.  Start working in video if it's commercial.  If you're trying to do fashion photography, you need to change your style a bit.  Your photos look a little too mainstream, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  You just need to decide if you want to do commercial or fashion.
It would be an honor to receive advice from you as I feel sometimes I am doing something wrong.  In the end, I hope to be alongside legends like Mario Testino, Bruce Weber and Terry Richardson.  With that being said, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Do you have any advice?

You take really nice pictures, but it looks like you wear too many hats.  Your photos are all over the place.  You should have a portfolio for fashion, one for commercial and one for fitness.  Organizing a portfolio is also really important - it will draw more people in, specific people.  Change up your portfolio every month to show off your latest work!
We are relatively new photographers - we have a few publications under our belt and have started shooting for some agencies in Dallas.  We would like to know - what is the best way to approach agencies in the larger markets like New York and LA?  We would be happy to shoot their models free of charge and would hope to deliver quality photos for their use.  Additionally, what style of photo would be most useful for them?  Are they typically looking for editorial style photos with heavily styled hair, makeup and wardrobe?  Or do they tend to prefer a more subtle look to show off the natural features of their models? We would also love an honest critique of our portfolio from an agent's perspective.  Thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain for a bit!

That's a very good question.  First, I will say that I love your photos.  They are definitely good quality and could be used for a lot of things.  I would suggest you market your skills to larger markets the same way you did in smaller ones - make face-to-face appointments with agencies in their new face or development divisions and find out what they want.  Be willing to work with them but still keep your personality and way of working (don't get caught up).  ModelWire has a good directory that you can check out and start making some calls.  Just go out there and keep putting yourself out there!
I would love your opinion.  I believe my style is defined and am wondering where I can bring it.  I welcome any direction you point me toward! 

You're right, your style is definitely defined and it works.  The only thing is that you live in the wrong city.  Your type of client is in New York City so you have to reach out to them through ModelWire Network or move there and start working with modeling agencies.  I would also suggest introducing yourself to ad agencies and magazines.  I see you getting a lot of work that route.  It's a big move though!  Make sure you really want to do this.  The ball is in your court.
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