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AskJoey: Most of You Are Commercial Models

Most models fit into the commercial modeling category - this can be for a number of reasons but mostly because high fashion ask for specific measurements and looks.  Not everyone is a Kate Moss - don't give your hopes up just yet - commercial modeling is quite lucrative and you can definitely become a successful model that way.  But be aware that the competition for commercial modeling is really high!  You are going against actors, other models and even high fashion models.  Work hard and go for commercial jobs - they're out there, you just need to go after it!  Next week I will be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hope you have a good holiday!

I am an experienced and professional international model having worked in Asia and USA markets.  I'm currently in LA and looking for work/representation.  I am not 18 anymore but still look in person, am in shape and I think I have a strong book but I'm not sure if I should go the open call route or not.

I really like your look - you definitely do have a strong look.  But unfortunately you aren't 5'9".  You're going to need to look for agents that are more commercial and test for commercial photos.  If you don't anyone that can set you up with appointments with agencies, then the only way to go is the open call route.  But remember you are a commercial model - not high fashion.
I would like to hear your advice and opinion about the "alternative" market.  As you can see, I'm not the classic model.  I'm full of tattoos and I'm definitely not a runway model but more of a print model.  In fact, I was looking for something in that direction. 

I like your look but tattoos just don't work in our commercial world.  You would most likely have to cover them up.  But the alternative market is very hard to succeed as far as making a steady living - it's very rare.  It's doable, but again, very challenging.  Your best bet is to do more commercial things, but just know that it will be hard.  
I definitely need some pointers on building my portfolio.  I'm looking to join an agency but I'm pretty clueless as how to go about it.  Any help would be appreciated!

You have a great commercial look but your pictures are too sexy.  You need a variety of photos to get into commercial modeling.  Before you start visiting agencies make sure you have a plethora of looks.  Keep a couple of your bathing suit photos and put the rest in a scrapbook - you need photos of you in business suits, sporty outfits and casual clothes.  You don't want to typecast yourself as a bikini model - you have a great commercial look - just work more on your portfolio.
Like every model on here, I'm looking for feedback if you're willing.  I modeled for 9 years in Denver and want to get back into it, but outside of the agencies I have worked with in the past.  Based on my pictures, am I chasing something that is over or can you point me in a direction?  

If you worked in Denver for 9 years (which to me is a very commercial market), there is no reason why you can't go back there and give it another go.  Visit your old agent and get his opinion on the market and how you would fit in.  You do need a few more photos though - mix it up more.  If you've never worked in a big market, I would say it's not worth it, but because you've worked in Denver, you have a pretty good shot.
I'd like to ask your advice with the direction of my interest in modeling.  I am 29 years old so I'm probably not the new "up and coming young fashionista" but I'd like to think I've got potential.  Would you mind taking some time to look at my portfolio?  I'd be very appreciative of any advice you'd feel would help me.  I'm currently expanding my portfolio to include less "posed" photos and will keep you updated as they are uploaded into the account.

Commercial, commercial - that's the way to go!  Even though you have the height, you still fall in the commercial category.  You have a great look and I like your photos - but you definitely need more types of photos.  You need to be able to fit into any situation.  You have a good commercial look - go for it!

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