Friday, May 27, 2011

Ask Joey: “Making It” Takes More than Connections

I get asked a lot (in fact one member even asked me this week), "Do you have a connection for me?"
Yes, I have connections, but that doesn't mean a whole lot.
Connections may get you an appointment earlier than you would have on your own, but as soon as that office door is opened, it is all up to you. You either have what they want or you don't.
There a lot of people with connections, but it takes a lot more than connections to be a model. You have to prove that yourself.
As a newcomer to the industry, I am curious as to how I might best engage agencies as I am an atypical model - professional athlete. I also live in smaller market, Phoenix, AZ, that is not amenable to my look. I am African-American (mixed) with "natural hair" and I have a tri-athlete build. I am willing to travel for representation and casting opportunities.
First of all, have you contacted the agents in Phoenix? That's the best place for you to start. If you can't work there, then it may not work for you in a bigger market like LA. You will be competing against a much larger number of people. It is always best to start off smaller and from there move into to something larger.
Your pictures do not really do you justice - you need a head shot. You need more shots of you showing off your athletic ability. Like some tennis photos! I love this photo of you:
That really showcases who you are. Forget about those high fashion pics - more casual clothes please.
I feel like a chicken with its head cut off falling into these agency scam traps. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what's real and what's fake. I want an agency that is legit. I tried Ford and Nous and Next, but apparently, I am too commercial for them.
Kenmar, your portfolio is a commercial book. That is the reason Ford, Next and Nous said no is because, they are all fashion agencies.
And I have to agree with them, you have a good look for commercial modeling. You live in Los Angeles, so start taking some acting classes and start approaching those commercial agencies, there are a ton out there.
Make sure that before you meet with an agency and defiantly before you EVER sign with them, you research them. Find out who they represent. Do they have successful working models? What do people say about them? Because they are a ton of places that will just take your money, but only a legitimate agency will get you work. Look on ModelWire's fashion directory and contact the commercial agencies on there.
I would much appreciate you could comment on my port and give some advice. I just started modeling and I am not agency represented. I am seeking a representation, but I do not know how to start? I need your help.
With your height being at 5'3" you need to focus on only approaching commercial print agencies.
If you haven't already, you should start taking some acting classes, commercial modeling goes hand-in-hand with acting.
While you are working on getting an agent, you need to be constantly working on your book. You do have enough photos in your portfolio to start calling/approaching agencies in NYC, but you need to always be updating. Plus, you could use more lifestyle photos. Use MWN to find some contacts and start working with them.
I was wondering if you have connections that could help get me any modeling gigs or agencies to represent me.
First, you need more pictures in your portfolio. Connect with some professionals on MWN.
Second, connections can speed things up for you getting an appointment, but it can't get you the job or the agent. You will only get things if you are right for them.
Third, you need to fill out your About Me section. Help yourself look serious about your career.
Did you know that you can credit each other on your photos posted on ModelWire Network?
Make sure you are all doing this; I want to see who is working the most!
In the meantime,
Have a successful day!
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