Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The IMTA Convention - LA

 The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) is an organization dedicated to getting models, actors, singers and dancers discovered by talent agencies, scouts, managers, etc.  Founded in 1987, it is one of the original conventions that showcase talent.  Conventions are one week long and are held in New York and Los Angeles biannually.  This past week, ModelWire Network's Joey Hunter was in town for IMTA where he spoke with modeling agencies and got a sneak peek into some up and coming models.

Tell us about IMTA and what happens there.
IMTA is where kids go to fulfill their dreams.  They are able to interact with professionals in the industry.  This year there were over 150 agents, managers, casting directors and producers all looking for fresh talent.  And there were 500 kids (ranged ages 5 and up) who competed.  Basically the kids compete in categories which is like an audition - actors, dancers, models, etc.  Judges rate their talent and choose their favorites.  Based on their scores, the kids are asked to come back for callbacks where they meet with managers and usually get signed.  
What is your involvement with IMTA?
Since the beginning, I've been asked to judge the models in three categories - runway, print and swimwear.  I also hold seminars and workshops for the kids and their parents where I prepare them for callbacks, tell them how to market themselves and let them know more about the industry.  I love IMTA.  It changes lives.  It's not everyday that a kid from Oklahoma can go to New York City or Los Angeles to audition, usually they end up talking to a secretary.  At IMTA, they are able to meet with hundreds of professionals and truly get seen.  After IMTA, the kids usually understand the business better.  It's a great platform for everyone.
 What do you see is the future of scouting?
To be honest, I really think besides the few scouting conventions, online scouting is going to be huge.  Not only because it's convenient and easy, but the ability to sift through a mass quantity of talent makes our job way more easy.  Obviously with photoshop, you're going to want to see someone in person but it definitely beats going to a mall and scouting.  That's why I think ModelWire Network is so amazing.  It definitely is the forerunner for getting scouted.  Almost every agent at IMTA scouts through MWN.



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