Friday, January 27, 2012

Submit your questions!

I love getting questions from you guys.  Keep them coming - if you'd like me to check your portfolio out, please submit a question to me on my ModelWire Network profile.  Remember - update your portfolio frequently.  It is also important that you fully fill out your Sizes, Stats and About Me section.  Especially with our scouting feature, agencies are looking for full profiles.  Share your personality - but more importantly, put your best photos up.  Hope to see your questions!

I'm loving your blog!  So much useful information you're sharing, it's awesome!  I spent the summer updating my portfolio so most of my pictures are recent.  I'm ready to start looking for agency representation in my area (Los Angeles).  Can you recommend any that you think I would be a good fit for?  I'm tall (5'11"), 115 lbs, but I'm also not 15 years old.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest going more commercial in your photos.  I love the photos, but the market you're trying to reach is out of your reach.  Change your direction and go more commercial.  I think you'll find more success.
Hi Joey, I'm 5'11", runway physique but for some reason it's been hard for me to get signed to a top agency.  Am I too commercial looking?  What agencies are best suited for my look?  I'm also saddened by the fact that I just turned 22 and still haven't gotten to established model status.  On the other hand, I think I look young.  Are the sands of time running out for me?

 I don't believe in the sands of time!  You photograph really well - there's got to be an agency that likes your look.  Unless I'm missing something, you seem to have everything going for you.  All I can tell you is keep trying and testing.  If fashion doesn't work out then definitely add some commercial looks to your portfolio.  Again, I think you have the right look.
Hello, I'm 5'8" and just turned 21.  I have been having a hard time signing with a top agency.  I walk in, I show my portfolio and they love the look but they always tell me it's not what they're looking for.  Can I make myself have a look they are searching for?  Can you review some of my pictures?  Is there something I'm missing?

Your pictures aren't that great.  You need a whole new portfolio.  Start from scratch.  Check  your measurements - if your hips are really 38", then fashion agencies will not represent you.  I think you are more commercial, forget high fashion.
Hello Joey, I have been modeling for awhile now but haven't been getting the 'big' jobs and I feel it's because I don't have an agency behind me.  I am in the process of updating my port but would love if you could tell me which agency might suit me best and what looks I should take in the future.

James, I can't tell you which agency will suit you.  There are thousands and they all want different looks.  I would focus on the ModelWire Directory and see agencies in New York City.  They'll get you jobs.  Your look is more commercial and not fashion.  Don't be lazy!  Go out there and work for it.
Hello Joey, how's it going?  I think this site is just splendid.  I am an aspiring model and I believe I have a great, different look.  But being new, I have a question - since most photographers charge, what can I do to make myself desirable as a model to shoot tfp (trade for print)?

You're a good looking guy.  Hook up with photographers on ModelWire Network for free testing.  At 5'10" you're a commercial model.  Fix your books and go take some acting classes to help you out with commercial modeling.  I suggest you get some people involved on MWN and do a photo shoot - it benefits everyone.
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