Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a New Year!

It's a new year.  It's a perfect time to reflect back and revisit your career options.  Now is the time to truly decide what you want to do with your fashion careers.  I suggest picking out your best assets.  Stop trying to be something that you're not.  If you are a model, stop having so many different looks.  Come to terms with what your look is and stick with it.  Take your best qualities and bring them to the table.  It's time to take your careers seriously.  This means having professional photos, going out and meeting with agencies and really going for it.  If you feel weird about a photo - don't put it up.  Remember, it's not about the number of photos in your portfolio.  It's about the quality of photos.  If an agent signs you, they will take your strong points and work with it.  Put your best foot forward and let everything be.  

I'm excited that you're here to give your professional advice.  I appreciate your time.  Can you please give me some advice on what type of modeling market I should go for based on my look?  What agencies do you recommend for me to meet with?

I think you have a nice commercial look.  You're 5'6" so you're obviously not high fashion.  You have a beautiful face.  I love the pictures but you need a variety of shots to approach the commercial market.  Your pictures are more on the "glamorous" side - you need pictures that are more "girl next door" - commercial type photos.
I just started taking modeling seriously.  I am currently working on my port and trying to figure out what my strengths are.  What do you feel are some things I can tighten up or try?

Based on your height and your pictures, I would say you are on the commercial end of modeling which means you should go and take some acting classes.  I would also suggest doing some more test shoots to get better photos.  Definitely take advantage of the hundreds of photographers on ModelWire Network - collaborate to update both of your guys' ports.
What is the age limit or cut off for plus size modeling?  Right now I am signed with a commercial agency but would like to move on to plus size fashion modeling.  I am not sure if that is possible at my age of 30.
Age doesn't make a different for plus size - it's all based on the look and the size.  Don't worry about your age, just go out there and try it out!
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I've been changing up my look.  I'm fit and love people.  I'm outgoing, full of life and into music - singing/rapping.  I started getting into acting and still it is like an engine that just won't start and I will not stop trying.  I know I belong in this business, any tips?

I think you have a nice look.  You're a little too tall for the fashion business.  If this is what your want, just keep pursuing it.  If it's your passion, go for it.  The clothes look good on you.  I would start by checking the ModelWire Directory.  Go and make contacts yourself - they're not going to knock on your door.
I am interested in your advice as to what modeling type I fit into?  And can my freckles work for me in modeling or even TV?  Any other advice you have for me would be great.  Thanks!

I definitely think you are the fashion type.  You have a unique look.  Freckles CAN work, there are not too many models with them.  Your look is different so you should present yourself to fashion agencies.  Good luck, I think you'll do great!
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