Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Choose the right agent!

It's time to get specific.  When you go to an agency, there are all types of agents.  It is absolutely crucial that you choose the agent that best suits you.  If you are a commercial model, why would you waste your time trying to get meetings with a fashion agent?  Be specific - agents don't like wasting their time.  Go for agents that are the right type.  Also, make sure to see agents face-to-face.  If you are one of those models that constantly sends your photos to agencies, you will end up in a huge pile of others doing the same thing.  In order for you to somewhat stick out, visit an agent face-to-face.  Give them a piece of your personality.  Don't just be another modeling submitting photos.

I have a lot of trouble finding modeling jobs because I am a full time student and work part time.  Do you have any advice for finding jobs?

Do not leave school.  Just find an agent who will work around your school work or put your career on hold until you finish school.  I high believe in achieving your modeling goals, but school is very important.  And at the end of the day, modeling should be able to fit into your schedule. 
Hope all is well!  My name is Sade and I'm a model looking for representation.  I wanted to visit some agencies this week.  Do you have any advice to offer me for my visits?  Thank you!

You have all the right attributes.  Just be yourself and make appointments to see New York agents.  You have the fashion look, so hit fashion agents first but be prepared to adjust accordingly.  I would definitely suggest adding more photos to your portfolio.  Agents like to see a variety of looks.
I am an aspiring commercial model.  I also look younger than what I am.  I am trying to sign with agencies and have no luck.  I am sad.  Do you think I have potential based on my photos?  I need all the help I can get.  Please advise me!

You definitely have a commercial look.  You need more pictures though!  Three is NOT enough.  You should test with photographers, I really like your look.  But just be forewarned - at your age, it is much harder to start.  Most ladies that you will be competing with have been doing this all their lives.  So focus on getting on more pictures and getting out there.  You have a lot of catching up to do!
I am loving the site, great job!  I just started modeling here in LA about 6 months ago and have been freelance thus far.  I would love to hear your feedback on how my portfolio is so far and what tips you may have for me to get signed with one of the bigger agencies in the near future.  Thanks.  I'm looking forward to hearing back with your expert advice!

I don't see any problems with your look.  You seem to have everything going for you.  I'm not sure what issues you're having, just get out there and see those agents.  One will for sure sign you.  Work with an agency to customize your book and to better represent you.  Again, you seem to fit the bill - just go out there and go for it.
I have been sending my pictures to modeling companies and I haven't been getting much luck.  In my pictures, I make sure I look as natural as possible.  Are there any tips that you could give me that would make me stand out from me just being another person sending out pictures?

You are a commercial model.  Make sure you are approaching the right agents.  Try to get appointments to have face-to-face meetings with agents.  I know it's hard, but don't give up.  Face-to-face works best.  Also, your pictures are all one look and the same outfit.  Boring...get more photos.  Variety is the best.

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