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Utilize ModelWire Network

We get a lot of people asking what to do with ModelWire Network once they sign up.  The answer is actually quite simple - use it.  MWN is an excellent tool to network and make connections within the fashion industry.  On our site, you can connect with hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, agents, wardrobe stylists, fashion bloggers and producers to collaborate on projects and truly make a great portfolio and career.  The purpose of the site has always been to get together and collaborate.  In the process, you expose yourself to the industry and gain experience to get more work.  You can't expect things to come easy - you really must work hard and truly go for it.  MWN is the perfect site to do that.  The site is what you make of it.  There have been many success stories of people getting scouted through MWN.  So get out there and utilize MWN!  To check out information on our collaboration project, click HERE.   

I have been a part of an agency here in San Francisco for about 2 years.  I heard that once you have an agency, you get more modeling gigs and exposure.  For me it has not been the case.  I haven't even had one modeling gig since signing with the agency.  Is it important to have an agency while being a model?  Should I pick a different agency to represent me?  I am not sure how to start.  Before, when I was with an agency, I was getting a lot of work.  When I joined this agency I have been paying for training sessions, two photographer shoots (the first shoot was so terrible that the agency made me pay to retake them).  I have found my own modeling gigs and the agency says I can't take them.  I have been paying them a monthly fee for an online portfolio but the agency has yet to give me any further experience than what I have done without them.  What do you recommend? 

 Laura, it sounds like you have been scammed for the past two years.  They have not sent you out on any auditions and they charge you for pictures and training.  Don't you see it??  Get out and do your own thing.  If you need new pictures, reach out to photographers and do them yourself.  Look for another agency, this just screams scam!  You shouldn't have to pay for anything, agents are usually willing to work with you if they believe in you which is what usually happens when you are signed.  What is the name of the agency?  Let us know so we can warn others.  Again, this is a scam - remove yourself from this situation immediately.
I would love if you could check out my portfolio and let me know what I could add/do differently.  Any constructive criticism is more than welcomed.  I have a few of my best photos uploaded here.

You only have one look in all of your pictures.  You need a variety of shots.  Get rid of the black dress.  You are a commercial model so you need a lot of different photos in different situations/locations.  Do some sporty looks, business looks, etc.  I would connect with photographers on MWN and work on your portfolio.  I'm not getting anything special from any of your photos.
I was wondering if I could have your honest opinion about my port.  What do you think of it?  Also, if I could have your advice about submitting to be a Wilhelmina "Curve" model.  Do you think someone like me would have a chance at that agency or another one?  I am really trying hard to seek representation for modeling and acting.

Wilhelmina Curves is an excellent place to start.  But first and foremost, you need more pictures.  You only have two in your portfolio.  That is not enough.  Use MWN to connect with photographers before you start going out to agencies.  Your pictures don't stand out.  
I have accomplished some small background work in New York using only a headshot portfolio by Susan Shacter.  I would like to peruse more print and commercial opportunities going forward and am considering representation or other avenues in this field to do just that.  Do you recommend a more broad portfolio to achieve these goals or will headshots suffice?  Any next steps you can advise will be greatly appreciated.  Based on my headshots and physical stats, what is your opinion?

You are too tall for fashion modeling at 6'5".  You have a great commercial look which means you need more types of pictures.  Headshots are great, but having more variety in your photos will only expand your client base.  Take more photos - not just headshots.  It will only help you. 
If you look at my profile, it's pretty obvious that I'm new to modeling.  In fact, so new that I am just looking for a start.  A photographer has sent me a request here on MWN and I socially don't know how to respond.  When they add me, does that mean they're interested in working with me in the future?  Should I just greet them and leave it at that or should I let them know that I would be willing to work with them? 

I like your look.  It's absolutely crucial that at the beginning stages of any modeling career that you make connections, build those relationships and get some work.  Obviously, if someone wants to work with you, take that opportunity!  MWN is a great place to network and collaborate with stylists and photographers to create a great portfolio.  From there you can visit agencies and get represented.  MWN is an excellent tool to get a jump start your modeling career.  Use it.
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