Monday, March 5, 2012

The Male Model

Before men's fashion, male models were solely used as accessories to the female models.  That has since changed.  Men have come into their own.  Rates are almost the same for male models and female models, but not really.  There are standard rates that both male and female models will get but the big money goes to the females.  My point is that if you want to be a male model and you are the right sizes and have the current look that is selling, back it up by studying acting.  Take a TV/Commercial class.  All actors are potential commercial/print models.  Female models are taking the big paying jobs doing just fashion and beauty.  But the male model has to be able to do it all in order to keep up. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you could look at my small portfolio and give critiques.  I am pretty new to the modeling industry.  I would love to do runway and I think my extensive training in dance would make an easy transition to this area.  I do not know how to start doing runway, so please give any information you can.

A male model has to be able to do it all.  There is no money for male models to just do runway.  From your pictures you have a very commercial look.  You have the right sizes for modeling, but you have to find a commercial agent.  Your dance will definitely help you more in doing TV commercials and Print. 
I am aspiring to be a model and am starting to get my portfolio ready.  Are there any tips that you can give me when searching for agencies and making my portfolio more presentable to various talent agencies?

You have a great look but you definitely need to work on your portfolio more.  Fashion is about the clothes.  Fashion modeling is about showing off the clothes, not the lack thereof.  Stop showing so much skin.  I would hook up with some photographers on MWN and a good stylist - that would definitely point you in the right direction.  
I hope this finds you well.  I have questions on how to market myself to potential agents?  My dream is to be in a Ralph Lauren Polo campaign.  Do my pictures serve me well?

How can I advise you when you didn't post any of your sizes?  If you want to work for Ralph Lauren you have to let your pictures reflect that work.  Have you seen a Ralph Lauren ad?  I would suggest starting over and taking new photos.  And please write down your information - this is crucial for anyone scouting.
My portfolio is crap.  I don't have the money right now for anything more.  I do think I need to resize some photos though because they make me look different - my face looks longer than it really is.  What do you honestly think about my chances for success?  My work ethic and determination are never in question by those that know me, but most things in life are not under our control.  What do you think?

My advice is if you don't have a burning desire to be a model, then I would channel my energy elsewhere.  Your photos aren't necessarily bad, but it sounds like you are questioning your role in the industry.  There are people who live and breathe modeling.  You will get what you put in. 
 In the meantime,

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