Thursday, March 1, 2012

S U S P E N D Magazine

SUSPEND Magazine, an online based magazine, recently debuted their first official issue.  The digital issue which features art, writing, music and fashion is making its way around the internet getting rave reviews from its readership.  We had the pleasure of speaking to Lovelin Descalso, the art director and one of the founders of SUSPEND.

What is Suspend Magazine?
Launched in August 2011, Suspend Magazine became an independent online based magazine that features a wide range of individuals, groups, organizations and/or companies of all sorts.

 Where did the concept come from?
Diane Abapo, my partner in crime and co-founder of SUSPEND, and I were in the car off to a random photoshoot and we were both trying to brainstorm for a name to brand our idea of our magazine.  I had her express what our magazine would be like and she went off of how she felt about photography and how within magazines, she gets zoned in - her mind suspended within the pages and images.  Sure enough, the lightbulb lit up and SUSPEND was born.  What is it that suspends one's mind?  Photos?  Paintings?  A place?  That feeling of being on stage?  The possibilities are endless.  We just love hearing, seeing and watching what our contributors and featured people have to say and share.  
How do you find content?
The reason we started the magazine was to feature those who have inspired us both as artists ourselves.  We started with people we knew that are artists/musicians and from our features, friends and contributors, our network blazed a fire!
Where do you find the artists to collaborate with?
I went to The Art Institute of California - LA where I gained most of my network here in LA and my partner Diane works within the entertainment industry.  We began showcasing with Collective Aesthetics, an artist collective, in 2010, and that introduced us to a whole new community.  A year later, I began coordinating artists for RSI Wreckon Productions, a bi-monthly hip-hop/art showcase production.  Therefore our artists we collaborate with are from all over the place and from mutual friends. 

 What is your favorite feature so far?
I'd have to say it would be Maria La Rosa, whom most call The Rosas Lady in West Hollywood.  She's featured in our first digital issue based around love.  Our writer, Minerva Contreras, definitely captured her expressions and emotions during the interview.  I've always seen Maria around for years and wondered what her story was.  Finally we were able to hear it ourselves.  She's such a beautiful lady and so full of love.  You should it read it yourself!
What's in store for the future?
Oh my.  I don't what to mention!  I guess I could share that our next upcoming issue will be based around Identity.  It should be interesting.  Everyone is hyped and juiced up for production!  Hopefully we'll be releasing that in April/May 2012.  There's so much we want to throw out there but we're still in the process! 
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