Monday, December 5, 2011

The ModelWire Network Collaboration Project

It all started with an email.

MWN Member and Wardrobe Stylist Sallie LeBlanc messaged us saying she was flying into LA and wanted to work on a ModelWire Network photo shoot while she was here.  This spawned the idea of starting MWN Collaboration projects - where each participant is a member on MWN.  This means a photographer, a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist and models all from the site working together towards a common goal - something beneficial for everyone involved.  Everyone gets to build their portfolios, build new working relationships and overall reach for their personal fashion goals.

The idea of the ModelWire Network Collaboration Project is essentially the core of why MWN exists.  We wanted to create a site where everyone in the fashion community can come in, meet others who have the same interests, work with them and succeed in fulfilling their goals.  Although MWN produced the photo shoot, everyone else involved donated their time, kits, equipment, talent, etc. - all for the greater good.  And it shows - all of the photos featured on our homepage is from the shoot.

We would like to thank everyone involved:  Photographer Fitz Carlile, Makeup Artist Dari A. So, Hair Stylist David Harrington, Wardrobe Stylist Sallie LeBlanc, Jewelry by Jenny Dayco and Models David Namminga, Parker York Smith, Michaela Rances and Stacey Woods.

 And a big thank you to Salvage LA for letting us use their location.  The photos turned out beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better turnout!  We hope this first collaboration project will spawn others and encourage members from the site to work together and really get out there and work!  We plan on launching another collaboration project contest in the future, so make sure to stay tuned for information on how to get involved.

Due to the overwhelming response and success of our collaboration project, we've decided to continue featuring collaborations on our homepage - we are now taking submissions for YOUR collaborations.  Participating is simple! 

- Get together with at least 2 other members from the site (3 or more members total).

- Collaborate on a photo shoot (Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists, Fashion Designers, Hair Stylists, etc.).

- Submit your photos to  Don't forget to provide us with everyone involved with the shoot.
If your collaboration gets chosen, we'll see you on the Homepage!



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