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Agencies aren't just for Fashion models

As most of you know, I used to be the President of Ford Models years ago and started my fashion career the same way most of you are - through acting and modeling.  I get a ton of questions about Ford and how to get represented by them.  Although Ford is most noted for their fashion, they do offer several other divisions and they represent many different types of models.  The same goes with other big agencies.  Make sure when you set up a meeting it's with the right division so you have a fair shot.  Most agents have tunnel vision and can't see someone who may be right for another division.  Make sure to do your homework to make things easier for yourself and an agent!

You are the former president of the agency I've been dreaming of signing with since I was a little girl! I'm trying to decide which photos I should bring and which to leave out of the portfolio I'll be presenting to them, as my opinion is biased. Could you help me understand exactly what they're searching for? I'd be incredibly grateful!

I love your pictures and your look.  You are very commercial - there is definitely a place for you at Ford, but not in their Fashion division.  They have a commercial print part of the agency which you should look into.  As far as your photos go, I would just axe the topless ones.
As the former president of Ford Models, I was wondering if you could take a look at my portfolio here on ModelWire Network and tell me what I am missing or could work on to push myself as a model.  I have been modeling since I have been a child for Wilhelmina Models, but took a break and was modeling as a hobby when I went to college.  I recently got back into the business once I got my degree and am really looking forward to pushing myself to get back into the business.  

As I said above, I love the pictures and the look.  Definitely bring your whole portfolio to provide more options and looks for agents to look at.  You're ready to go back to Wilhelmina and then to Ford.  You have the height requirements - make those appointments ASAP!  Good luck!
Your wealth of experience is very inspirational! Looking at my profile, which genre/type of modeling would I most be suited for?

You definitely look like the commercial type to me - I would even say to try Fitness or Sports modeling.  There are agencies that specialize in that type of work.  In my opinion, you have too many body shot pictures in your book - take them out.
Thank you for the friend request.  You are the most educated of anyone I've been in contact with since I entered into modeling (and acting).  I was wondering if I could have your personal opinion.  I love modeling and I know I have my own look  - what city or country should I concentrate on sending my photos to?  I have some high fashion shoot photos coming that I really rocked - and I'm ready to break out and do commercial fashion print modeling.  I am super driven and going all the way to be successful.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you a million times over for your advice and guidance!
Commercial print with some fashion is what you should be looking for.  You live in Maine - I would try to focus on Boston.  I has a very busy TV and commercial print market.  If it goes well there, you can take New York.  As far as what country to focus on - definitely the USA.  You will have an easier time getting work here than any other place. 
I just started modeling 2 months ago and have gained a lot of attention rather quickly from photographers and agencies (but I'm not sure which ones are good).  I'm currently seeking representation I'm comfortable with, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so.  This is all very new to me!  I'm impressed by your bio and am intrested in hearing any advice.  If you would kindly respond with anything regarding your experience, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I love your look! It's hard to offer any advice because I don't know which agencies want you.  You live in NYC - go with the one you are comfortable with - you'll know the moment you talk to them.  Remember to always go with comfort, not just a name.  You're in the right place, just go for it!
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