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Dimepiece Designs

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DimePiece Designs, created in 2007 by designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, was created to express and embody female empowerment.  The definition of "Dimepiece" may be seen as quite ironic as it means a girl who is the "perfect 10."  Jones and Fama wanted to use the perception of a "Dimepiece" as something to be proud of.

For their latest collection, DimePiece came to ModelWire Network to cast models for their launch party.  Their latest work, The Drug & The Dream Collection is set to kick off in Spring 2012.  Escapism is the theme - sometimes no matter the means of escape, creativity is shown when one tries to get away.  The Drug & The Dream explores this concept with psychedelic imagery, colorful designs and DimePiece's signature tongue-in-cheek graphics and slogans.  We spoke with co-owner Ashley Jones more about the collection.

Tell us about yourself and how you started DimePiece.
DimePiece was created in 2007.  Our intention was to carve a niche in the fashion universe and create garments for the female empowerment.  Subsequent fashion degrees and years of experience within LA's thriving urban contemporary industry reconfirmed that we had stumbled upon a unique aesthetic and feisty attitude.  A recurring theme of women and power and how the two interconnect can be seen each season.  Now in our 11th season, we are adding another solid installment to DimePiece.  DimePiece remains a brand that is one-hundred percent independent and domestically made in Los Angeles.  There is a value to this that we hope our consumers and retailers do not forget or overlook.  There is a stronger statement made here; there is more time, more effort and muscle put forth with this method of creation.  We appreciate your continuous support!
What's the inspiration behind DimePiece?
We're inspired by art, international fashion, vintage fashion magazines, sub culture, pop culture, sex, powerful women, things that aren't so politically correct and Los Angeles, especially.  There's so much culture we're immersed in here - there's always something to be inspired by.
Tell us about the event you just threw (The Drug & The Dream Launch).
The Drug & The Dream.  I'd say it's the most amusing and lively collection we've had thus far, as we are both naturally drawn to a darker palette and black black black.  This season in essence, is like Lisa Frank on a bad acid trip.  We did an amazing event where we invited industry professionals to preview our collection on a 40-foot long hippie bus with model wearing our collection inside.  It was quite a night.

What do you have in store for the future?
Expansion on a major level.
Who are some of your favorite designers/style icons?
There are so many.  Alexander McQueen, Jean Charles De Castelbajac, Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Rick Owens, Asish, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, etc.  I love designers who took unfavored risks in their designs in the infancy of their careers and eventually came to be embraces and admired their unique style and vision.

DimePiece Presents: The Drug & the Dream Spring 2012 Launch & Exhibition from Dimepiece Designs on Vimeo.



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