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You have an agent, now what?

I know it's tough to find an agent, but once you do, you can't just sit back and let them do all the work. You have to motivate them. Call and go visit your booker - take them to lunch, have them get to know you and let them know what you want. Get a go-see list and promote yourself. An agent is just the start. Otherwise, it's up to you. Check out the ModelWire Directory for a list of agents you can contact. You absolutely cannot be lazy in this industry, especially with the competition. Make yourself stand out and work hard.

I've been with my agency now for 3 months and they have only booked me one gig. They claim that they like my look but they aren't getting me any work and it's very frustrating. Do you think I should stick it out or move on to a new agency? Do you think I will be able to find another agency considering my height (I'm 5'6")?

I would give it more time.  I suggest asking for a list of clients that you can stop by and drop off your portfolio.  Get active and aggressive!  You have to remember that agencies usually have many clients that they have to work with - they can't do it all.  Successful models are the ones who make their own breaks.  Don't just wait on the sidelines, go out there and make something happen.
How often should you contact your agent just to keep in touch so they remember you?  I am signed with Wilhelmina of PA and live in West Virginia so I can't just drop in and I don't want to contact them too often that I would be a pest!  I know there is probably not that much demand for an older, commercial model, but I don't want to get lost in the shuffle. 
If they signed you, then they expect you to call.  I would call twice a week - Mondays and Wednesdays.  You know the expression - out of sight, out of mind.  The working relationship works both ways.  If they don't hear from you, they will forget about you.  Don't worry about being a pest - you need to stand out and remind them that you're there.  Stay on it!
As former president of Ford Models, do you think I have any chance of having a career in modeling?  My height seems to be an issue - even for beauty and hair modeling which is what I'm most interested in.  I'll have many new photos to post shortly but the ones already up should give you some idea.  Can you recommend any commercial agencies (or agencies in general) that I should apply to, who would potentially accept my height?  I've obviously tried Ford despite the height restriction and not surprisingly, I haven't heard back.  I have an agency here in D.C. representing me but I don't get much work through them - 2 gigs totaling $380 which doesn't even cover the cost of printing the photos in my portfolio and getting comp cards!

You have a very commercial look, so forget fashion and beauty.  You live in a small market and you have an agent.  You're doing a lot better than other models.  Push your agent to promote you more.  Your only other choice is to move to a major market with triple the competition.  You would need an acting background to compete - so take some acting classes if you want to stand out.   

Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be the last Ask Joey post of 2011!  I wish you a great holiday season - see you next year!

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