Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Future of Fashion

College Fashionista, a fashion blog site for the latest college fashion styles and trends on campuses around the world.  Founder Amy Levin founded the site on the concept of street fashion and wanted to capture what students all over the world were wearing.  It's easy to understand that different regions will bring different fashion trends, and this site proves to show the variety of fashion concepts.  Each campus brings on their own fashion guru who goes around and captures campus street fashion.  Levin says, "What makes college fashion so exciting is the unique perspectives that each person possesses.  The website features columns written by a variety of different people, with a spectrum of fashion views, all attending universities across the world." 

The Industry Wire spoke with Jamey Hastings, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus fashionista about her role with College Fashionista and her views on the future of fashion.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Jamey Hastings and I'm a Junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Communications and International Studies.  I'm from a beach town in Los Angeles and have always had a passion for fashion.  Madison has people from the west coast, east coast and midwest and the styles blend to create a great fashion atmosphere.  I love fashion because it's art for the body and way of self-expression.  Since I'm not artistically gifted, I love being able to be creative through fashion.
What is College Fashionista?
CollegeFashionista is a website that shows the trends of college age students from hundreds of colleges.  You can go to your college and see what people are wearing, the hot trends and get great style advice!  It documents street fashion in a way that was never possible before social media and the popularity of blogs.
How did you get started with College Fashionista? 
One of my friends at Boston University wrote for it and told me I would be interested in it.  I checked it out and applied this summer knowing I would love writing and giving style advice for them!

What are you studying and what do you hope to do in the future?
I'm studying Communications and International Studies and my dream job would be working for NYLON Magazine!
What are some of your favorite fashion blogs?
CollegeFashionista of course!  Some others are, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Blonde Salad and The Sartorialist.
What are some of your must have items for the season?
A fur vest, colored denim, patterned nails and fun pea coats.

Who is your style icon?
Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen and Rachel Zoe. 

Who are your favorite designers?
Marc Jacobs and Jeffery Campbell.  I'm actually obsessed with Jeffery Campbell.  His designs are fresh and innovative.  He makes his shoes crazy yet stylish, which I love.  His shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit.
Where do you see fashion heading in the next year?
 I think fur vests will explode even more than they already are.  Also, an increase in wedge platform heels and longer dresses/skirts with asymmetric hems - personal favorite!



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