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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Utilize ModelWire Network

We get a lot of people asking what to do with ModelWire Network once they sign up.  The answer is actually quite simple - use it.  MWN is an excellent tool to network and make connections within the fashion industry.  On our site, you can connect with hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, agents, wardrobe stylists, fashion bloggers and producers to collaborate on projects and truly make a great portfolio and career.  The purpose of the site has always been to get together and collaborate.  In the process, you expose yourself to the industry and gain experience to get more work.  You can't expect things to come easy - you really must work hard and truly go for it.  MWN is the perfect site to do that.  The site is what you make of it.  There have been many success stories of people getting scouted through MWN.  So get out there and utilize MWN!  To check out information on our collaboration project, click HERE.   

I have been a part of an agency here in San Francisco for about 2 years.  I heard that once you have an agency, you get more modeling gigs and exposure.  For me it has not been the case.  I haven't even had one modeling gig since signing with the agency.  Is it important to have an agency while being a model?  Should I pick a different agency to represent me?  I am not sure how to start.  Before, when I was with an agency, I was getting a lot of work.  When I joined this agency I have been paying for training sessions, two photographer shoots (the first shoot was so terrible that the agency made me pay to retake them).  I have found my own modeling gigs and the agency says I can't take them.  I have been paying them a monthly fee for an online portfolio but the agency has yet to give me any further experience than what I have done without them.  What do you recommend? 

 Laura, it sounds like you have been scammed for the past two years.  They have not sent you out on any auditions and they charge you for pictures and training.  Don't you see it??  Get out and do your own thing.  If you need new pictures, reach out to photographers and do them yourself.  Look for another agency, this just screams scam!  You shouldn't have to pay for anything, agents are usually willing to work with you if they believe in you which is what usually happens when you are signed.  What is the name of the agency?  Let us know so we can warn others.  Again, this is a scam - remove yourself from this situation immediately.
I would love if you could check out my portfolio and let me know what I could add/do differently.  Any constructive criticism is more than welcomed.  I have a few of my best photos uploaded here.

You only have one look in all of your pictures.  You need a variety of shots.  Get rid of the black dress.  You are a commercial model so you need a lot of different photos in different situations/locations.  Do some sporty looks, business looks, etc.  I would connect with photographers on MWN and work on your portfolio.  I'm not getting anything special from any of your photos.
I was wondering if I could have your honest opinion about my port.  What do you think of it?  Also, if I could have your advice about submitting to be a Wilhelmina "Curve" model.  Do you think someone like me would have a chance at that agency or another one?  I am really trying hard to seek representation for modeling and acting.

Wilhelmina Curves is an excellent place to start.  But first and foremost, you need more pictures.  You only have two in your portfolio.  That is not enough.  Use MWN to connect with photographers before you start going out to agencies.  Your pictures don't stand out.  
I have accomplished some small background work in New York using only a headshot portfolio by Susan Shacter.  I would like to peruse more print and commercial opportunities going forward and am considering representation or other avenues in this field to do just that.  Do you recommend a more broad portfolio to achieve these goals or will headshots suffice?  Any next steps you can advise will be greatly appreciated.  Based on my headshots and physical stats, what is your opinion?

You are too tall for fashion modeling at 6'5".  You have a great commercial look which means you need more types of pictures.  Headshots are great, but having more variety in your photos will only expand your client base.  Take more photos - not just headshots.  It will only help you. 
If you look at my profile, it's pretty obvious that I'm new to modeling.  In fact, so new that I am just looking for a start.  A photographer has sent me a request here on MWN and I socially don't know how to respond.  When they add me, does that mean they're interested in working with me in the future?  Should I just greet them and leave it at that or should I let them know that I would be willing to work with them? 

I like your look.  It's absolutely crucial that at the beginning stages of any modeling career that you make connections, build those relationships and get some work.  Obviously, if someone wants to work with you, take that opportunity!  MWN is a great place to network and collaborate with stylists and photographers to create a great portfolio.  From there you can visit agencies and get represented.  MWN is an excellent tool to get a jump start your modeling career.  Use it.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my FAVORITE beauty products/tips of the moment..

okay, anyone who knows me, knows that I despise UBER expensive makeup. Its not the PRICE of the product that makes someone anymore beautiful, its the technique behind the APPLICATION that can turn you into a star. I recently have found some cheaply priced GEMS on the shelves of your local Rite Aid, Walgreen's, target, or anywhere cosmetics are sold.... so here they are!

Garnier BB Cream- Miracle Skin Perfector...

y'all, this stuff is AMAZING! You apply it like a base or a moisturizer, but it covers like foundation, and practically airbrushes your skin out before you even have makeup on your face! It also has anti aging and pore refiner properties that we all love. This is my first step in doing my own makeup now for events and shows, it truly is a miracle base that makes you look like a shining star all day.

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller 

There are two things in this world that i truly hate, homophobia, and bags under my eyes in pictures :) . They make a clear and a tinted one.... the tinted one is the money maker. I roll it a few times under each eye and allow a few minutes to go by, and simply pat and blend the excess into my skin. It really does lighten the darkness under my eyes, and also has anti-aging properties. ***WARNING*** No topical product can significantly reduce under eye puffiness, ALOT of them claim to be able to, but the puffiness under our eyes as we age is actually a fluid filled membrane below our eye socket. Do not waste your money with topical products if the puffiness is severe, that requires a trip to a plastic surgeon or medical aesthetics professional. I am an open book in life, with my struggles with addiction, my sorted past, and my plastic surgery. I have had botox and chemical peels over the last year and it has changed my confidence level. I love my results. BUT, I am not a paid spokesperson, nor am I by ANY means telling you to rush out and get it, I am just saying that it improved my confidence level about my skin. People spend so much money on skin creams, but, if they are not satisfied with their results, its time to see someone who can give you the results you want. I use Michelle Ray of the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze Florida, she keeps me ultra confident in my own skin, and she's as sweet as pie :).

Maybelliene Mineral Power Mineral Foundation

I SWEAR by this stuff! This product is cost effective, covers beautifully, and although I have sensitive/acne prone skin, I can layer this product on without irritation! It works better than those other more expensive mineral makeup lines (you know the one I'm talking about :). Also, this product provides a very matte finish to the skin, other mineral products leave the skin too dewy or glowy looking-aka GREASY over time. The Maybelliene "Fit Me" concealer works very well in conjunction with this mineral foundation. For my clients and brides, I would always use the concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and then apply the mineral foundation over it---> its a one two PUNCH to getting amazing coverage that last throughout the day.

Wet -N- Wild Mega Length Mascara

My favorite mascara on the market, and its 2 freggin dollars! People always ask me about my eye lashes, in pictures or in person, and this product is the secret behind my lushes long lashes! It was also an Allure Beauty Award winner in 2010! The formula, paired with the type of bristles, provides high impact length and definition. Also, wet-n-wild makes some amazing lipstick colors, all for 99 cents, its a great way to take risks on new bold colors without breaking the bank!

Sage Words of Wisdom from JD

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF MAKEUP! We love the way celebrities and models look on the red carpet, but do you know HOW MUCH MAKEUP they are wearing!?? Lots more than you would think... so, don't be afraid to try and wear a little extra, or more than usual sometimes.

Easy ways to try something new with makeup...

1. Colored eye liner. - This is a simple and easy way to play with color in your makeup ladies. Purple, blue, yellow all can look amazing and bring out the color in your own eyes. Its cheap and easy- try pairing a simple shimmery eye shadow with a bold liner, then add mascara and some lip gloss and you look fun and flirty and ready to HIT THE TOWN!
2. A fun lip color.- Lipstick from wet -n- wild is 99 cents, so don't be afraid to be bold and try something new! But always remember, when wearing a bold lip, its a good idea to keep the eyes neutral, shimmery, and understated. I love a bright coral, or even HOT pink, its a simple way to look hip and adventurous with your look without too much effort.
3. Bold eye shadows.- This is by far the easiest way to add some WOW factor to your face girls. Try using a color you NEVER thought you could wear-bright green, pink, orange, the sky is the limit! The goal here is to make the bright/fun color an accent, or a "pop color" as I call it, meaning it should not be applied over the whole lid up to the brow bone. I mean HELLO we all watched the Drew Carey Show, and we remember how miss Mimi did her makeup! Stay in the crease with fun colors, or, try sweeping a little in the inner corner of your eye for an unexpected pop of color....

MAKEUP IS FUN, so have fun with it my sweet angels :)


johnny D


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Choose the right agent!

It's time to get specific.  When you go to an agency, there are all types of agents.  It is absolutely crucial that you choose the agent that best suits you.  If you are a commercial model, why would you waste your time trying to get meetings with a fashion agent?  Be specific - agents don't like wasting their time.  Go for agents that are the right type.  Also, make sure to see agents face-to-face.  If you are one of those models that constantly sends your photos to agencies, you will end up in a huge pile of others doing the same thing.  In order for you to somewhat stick out, visit an agent face-to-face.  Give them a piece of your personality.  Don't just be another modeling submitting photos.

I have a lot of trouble finding modeling jobs because I am a full time student and work part time.  Do you have any advice for finding jobs?

Do not leave school.  Just find an agent who will work around your school work or put your career on hold until you finish school.  I high believe in achieving your modeling goals, but school is very important.  And at the end of the day, modeling should be able to fit into your schedule. 
Hope all is well!  My name is Sade and I'm a model looking for representation.  I wanted to visit some agencies this week.  Do you have any advice to offer me for my visits?  Thank you!

You have all the right attributes.  Just be yourself and make appointments to see New York agents.  You have the fashion look, so hit fashion agents first but be prepared to adjust accordingly.  I would definitely suggest adding more photos to your portfolio.  Agents like to see a variety of looks.
I am an aspiring commercial model.  I also look younger than what I am.  I am trying to sign with agencies and have no luck.  I am sad.  Do you think I have potential based on my photos?  I need all the help I can get.  Please advise me!

You definitely have a commercial look.  You need more pictures though!  Three is NOT enough.  You should test with photographers, I really like your look.  But just be forewarned - at your age, it is much harder to start.  Most ladies that you will be competing with have been doing this all their lives.  So focus on getting on more pictures and getting out there.  You have a lot of catching up to do!
I am loving the site, great job!  I just started modeling here in LA about 6 months ago and have been freelance thus far.  I would love to hear your feedback on how my portfolio is so far and what tips you may have for me to get signed with one of the bigger agencies in the near future.  Thanks.  I'm looking forward to hearing back with your expert advice!

I don't see any problems with your look.  You seem to have everything going for you.  I'm not sure what issues you're having, just get out there and see those agents.  One will for sure sign you.  Work with an agency to customize your book and to better represent you.  Again, you seem to fit the bill - just go out there and go for it.
I have been sending my pictures to modeling companies and I haven't been getting much luck.  In my pictures, I make sure I look as natural as possible.  Are there any tips that you could give me that would make me stand out from me just being another person sending out pictures?

You are a commercial model.  Make sure you are approaching the right agents.  Try to get appointments to have face-to-face meetings with agents.  I know it's hard, but don't give up.  Face-to-face works best.  Also, your pictures are all one look and the same outfit.  Boring...get more photos.  Variety is the best.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning how to MARKET YOURSELF!---> its important! :)

"You have to be the most shameless self promoting person I have ever met".....

When an exec told me this at MTV at the ripe old age of 23, I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment, or a low blow.... Now, I wear the term "shameless self-promoter" like a sparkling badge of honor and accomplishment :). You could be the most talented person in the entire world, but without a means for OTHER people to see/know how talented you are, you will be a talented person alone in your room for the rest of your life. Young up and comers always ask me, "how did you get to where you're at in the industry without a manager, an agent, or any financial support"? Well my dears, its simple.... I smartly marketed myself as shrewdly, cunningly, and CHEAPLY as I could. I used things such as Facebook and Myspace in the beginning for people to see my face, my work, and hear "the voice" behind my writing. The best part about Facebook? ----> ITS FREE! Its like having a free website to send people too, to check your portfolio, see video clips, read writing samples. I am a self made man, 100 percent, and I did it all for free. I marketed myself SO well, that I actually have an ENTIRE chapter in an upcoming book on marketing by Author Angela Yukiro Smith, the force behind the successful, "No Money Marketing" book series. The thing is, I never realized I was really marketing myself.... I just liked the attention :).

You ALL can learn how to "work the system" of marketing, and do it, for free or next to free. One important thing to remember, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU DO IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR CAREER! But, that's OK! You need to be able to see the value of things as marketing tools, rather than a paycheck in your hands. I use to work for free ALOT, if I  felt it was in any way shape or form going to further my name, my brand, or my career, I did it, and THAT ITSELF was the paycheck! People shoot themselves in the foot every single day, because they refuse to work for free, or, for trade. Now, I'm not telling ya'll to go out there and be everybody's doormat by any means, but I'm encouraging you to think like a smart business/PR person. My dad told me something when I first got out of rehab to start my modeling, acting, and writing career- "For every 2 hours of paid work, you should work in an hour of unpaid work that results in furthering your brand through marketing". I have never forgotten those sage words of wisdom. Hell, I still walk in shows for free sometimes just for exposure and pretty portfolio pictures, especially if its for charity or a noble cause. When you are offered jobs, they should either be beneficial to you financially  OR, beneficial to getting your name out there and furthering your career. If neither of these things are in the equation, then politely pass on the offer...........

I have been published in the international Star Magazine tabloid, spent time as an on camera personality for MTV, have walked in Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, have received over a million views on Youtube with help from my buddy Taylor Swift, started my own magazine about makeup and photography, and now I'm the blogger for the legendary Model Wire Network, and you know what? -----> I DID IT ALL FOR FREE FROM CLEVER MARKETING AND GETTING MYSELF OUT THERE!!! AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO! If your friends make fun of you for self promoting, who the hell cares, people belittle or make fun of things that they do not understand. You will be the one achieving your dreams while they sit stagnant in their small towns hating on you for being successful. My friend Taylor Swift put it best- "Some day I'll be, liven in a big ole city, and all you're ever gonna be is mean"...... :)

happy self marketing my sweet angels...

love... Johnny

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Runway 101 from your "Aunt John" :)

    There are two very distinct versions of John Dye.......

There's the John Dye who loves video games, comic books, wears no makeup, watches "Anne of Green of Gables" for hours on PBS, loves Sailor Moon, and loves eating cheese grits right out of the pot in bed..----> the is "the real John", a total dork :).

Then, there's John Dye "The Star", a heightened, super confident, rockstar who smizes his face off and can walk down any runway, he shines in front of any camera, and can walk up to high power heads of industry and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF. :) -----> this John is a character I play when I need him to come out....

    When I coach models to walk down the runway, the first question I always ask them is, "Are you a rockstar when you walk down that runway?". They better say yes :), because then I know that they "get it". Being able to "turn it on and turn it off" in terms of star quality is an extremely important facet of our industry. When you walk down that runway, you have to COMMAND the attention of that room, and for those 15 seconds, you my friend, are the biggest celebrity on the planet, or that's what you need to emulate at least. Doing runway is very much "playing a part". Through your eyes, the power of your presence, and the confidence in the gate of your walk, you have to convince everyone in that room that you deserve to be there, and make them want to "buy" what your selling. And trust me, you can "fake it til you make it", that's what I do :). For those few seconds in the span of the universe you have to ooze confidence, power, and charisma.

   There are many ways to try and perfect your runway presentation. First, learn how to "smize", meaning, how to smile and ooze charisma from your eyes. How did I learn? Well, its kind of cheesy, and trust me, you'll feel awkward at first doing it. I use to put on music in my bedroom, music that I felt in some way emotionally connected too, then, I would simply mouth the words and pose in my mirror. I acted like I was singing the song in a music video, and I had to convey the emotions and the feelings behind the lyrics with my eyes and face. This is also how I learned to pose for still photography. Yes, you might feel like a dork, BUT... if this is your passion and your dream, you will have to "embrace the cheese" sometimes in this industry. I can remember my mom and sisters walking in and being like, "John, what the heck are you doing?", but, it payed off :).

Next, the walk. You want your runway walk to flow like water through a forest stream----> loose, fluid, and have have a nice steady "flow". Looking relaxed yet confident is a tricky line to dance upon, but once you master it, the sky is the limit. I've said it before, I'll say it again, people can smell desperation from a mile away, so, if you look like you are "trying to hard", your runway presentation will fall flat to outside observers. To me, Runway walks are almost like a well orchestrated dance... you have to feel the steps, the movement, the music.... and remember, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! ****Important Rule to remember for Runway Prensentations**** When you are showcasing someone else's clothing, you are no longer "the star", the clothing is. You have to convey star quality in your walk, but its not about YOU, its about the designer, and the clothing that they have put so much time and energy into sharing with the world. You always take the designers lead on what kind of walk they want. Its important to be "mold able" with your walk, and be able to switch it up accordingly to the style/vibe of the shows looks.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember, you are a ROCKSTAR version of yourself out there. Be the most confident, charismatic, charming, and star-like version of yourself. AND HAVE FUN OUT THERE! I mean hell people, we are living out our dreams for the world to see when we are stomping it out on those runways! One last thing, advice that our parents ALWAYS told us still rings true today, "practice, practice, practice... cause practice makes perfect!".... Love y'all :)

PS.. I said "Aunt John" to be like "Miss Jay" from top model.. I hope someone got that.... :)

Stay Beautiful,
Johnny D

PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Moffit of Shannon Moffit Photography. Checkout her website for some AMAZING fashion and lifestyle photography, and don't forget to search "Shannon Moffit Photography" and "LIKE" her on Facebook. This girl has always had my back, and I love her dearly, thanks Shan, for all you have done for me :*) we're on our way sistah... <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's time to get serious!

It's time to get serious folks! If you are serious about your modeling career, then do something about it. You need to put the time and effort into your work. This includes your photos, your portfolio, going out and visiting agencies, etc. Most people fall under the Commercial modeling category - do you know how competitive it is? How will you stick out if you only have one look and 4 photos? Get with it! Constantly update your portfolio with new looks, collaborate with photographers and actually make an effort to go out there and get work! Speaking of putting more effort in, please fully fill out your profile - this includes your About Me section. You will stick out with your personality. Offer something that makes you unique!


I am new to modeling but have had several shoots in my first few months here in LA and really enjoy it. I was wondering if I am going in the correct direction for my "look"? How should I market myself to agencies here in LA? I feel like I could do both high fashion and commercial.

I really like your look. You pictures tend to be on the more "edgier" side. I would suggest doing more test shoots and main stream fashion shots. I can definitely see you with a fashion agency more than a commercial agency. Definitely get out there!


I'm 5'7", 22 years old and know Commercial is my niche (albeit a rather large one). I've had representation for a little over a year and a half and have never once been sent out. I've gotten the note that people 'don't know what to do with me' and I chalk that up to my portfolio not going in the right direction. If you can take the time to look at it, I would truly appreciate any notes you can give me. It's such an incredible resource to ask someone of your experience for advice and I'm so glad I came upon this website to be able to do so.

I love your look. It's a very commercial one that should be able to sell. It's been a year and you haven't been sent out? It sounds like your agency is just being lazy! Dump that agent. Do more test shoots with different looks - sport, fitness, business, bathing suit. Get serious about getting commercial work. I wouldn't waste my time on your agent. Get more photos - 6 is not enough!


I was wondering what makes a person a commercial model compared to a fashion model other than a thin body. Also, based off my look, what market do you feel I should market myself to?

From your pictures, it looks like you can do both commercial and fashion modeling. But based on your height at 5'11", you will have trouble getting fashion gigs. All of your other stats hit the mark though. I would definitely take more fashion shots in your portfolio. Your portfolio looks weak. Use ModelWire Network to hook up with photographers and get some more photos. You have a chance, but you have to work for it.


I read your About Me section and I see you're very experienced. I was wondering if I could get your opinion on my portfolio - strengths, weaknesses and anything else you feel is necessary. I value your opinion and look forward to hearing from you soon.

You are definitely commercial. Your book has only one look - it's a very weak portfolio. You need more photos! Agencies like to see variety. I think you should take acting classes to try to get more commercial roles. Again, more photos! You can expect to go anywhere in this business with two mediocre photos in your portfolio.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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*Have a question for me? Ask away on my ModelWire Network Profile.

The Importance of Press, Attitude, and Perspective for Up and Coming Models...

Do you use social networking sites like Facebook, tumblr/twitter, and Model Wire Network to further your name, brand & career?
Do you feel comfortable walking up to designers or members of press, and sticking out your hand with a smile on your face and saying, "Hi!, I'm ______, nice to meet you!"?
Are you comfortable speaking on camera, posing on a red carpet, or being interviewed?
Do you actively befriend/introduce yourself to other models in a kind and outgoing manner?

If you said no to any of these questions, we got some work to do :)

      Getting your name out there is extremely important in this industry, the trick is, to go about it the right way. People smell desperation from a mile away, and trust me kids, it doesn't look cute on anyone :) . Carrying yourself with confidence, grace, poise and humility in public is essential for a long lasting and successful career. This industry does NOT have time for the socially awkward, shy, or pretentious. That brings me to my next point- there is a HUGE difference between confidence, and cockiness. Being cocky or pretentious is a sure fire way to never get asked back to work with someone. Like my sweet Nana always said, "You catch more flies with honey", meaning, you attract more people with a kind, sweet, and HUMBLE disposition. Always be extremely thankful, down to earth, and kind to those who employ you, but also to your peers in the industry. I hate it when I walk in shows, and the first question out of the other models mouths is "who have you worked with/shot for?", instead of "Hi! I'm ______, nice to meet you." Its disgusting... yes, this industry is competitive, but is not always a COMPETITION! Be very careful of what you say and how you are being perceived by the others around you. Some of the biggest jobs I booked as a model or television host wasn't cause I was the best looking guy in the bunch, but because of how I treated others around me. People unfairly EXPECT models to be cold, arrogant, or pretentious, well, DON'T BE A WALKING TALKING STEREOTYPE! Break the cycle and flip the script, be sweet, kind, outgoing, and down to earth. It will serve you well on your rise to the top. And, don't ever take yourself or this industry to seriously, learn to laugh at yourself! We are not "models" 24 hours a day, I'm certainly not a "model" when I have macaroni and cheese all over my face in bed watching Golden Girls and singing Duran Duran to my precious dog Rio... Life is fun, everyday an adventure, find the beauty and simple joy in everything... and most importantly, do not lose yourself in your climb to the top, you never want to wake up one day and look in the mirror and see a complete stranger staring you in the face.
I always repeat three words when I go on go-sees or before I walk a press line- "confidence, grace, and humility" over and over again... try it, it works... :)

love you guys, you CAN make it to the top. Treat yourself and others with dignity & respect, and you will achieve everything you want in life, and you'll be able to rest easy when your head hits that comfy pillow at night :) ...

stay beautiful,

John Dye :)

Photo Credits Include : Robert Pytel, Billy Lin-www.BillyL.com, Andre Walker Photography-www.andrewalkerphoto.com, and Holly Van Voast- LENSJOCKEY TM.

Models : me (well duh, hehe), Lea Rannells Comrie, Jason Hurt, Darren Pasha, Andrea Debevc, & Rene Ganuza

Monday, March 12, 2012

John Dye's Top Makeup Tips of all Time!

JOHN DYE'S BEST MAKEUP SECRETS... learn um, live um, LOVE um!

1.Don't be afraid of going a little over board with under eye concealer, right below your bottom lash line is where you have the most color variation on your face, whether it be reddish or darker than the rest of your face. Also Don't forget to put concealer on your eye lids, corners, and below the brow bone, it helps make up stick and gives a fresher canvas to paint on. ALSO! if you are having a REALLY hard time with dark circles, or you're lookin REALLY rough under the eyes from a crazy night out on the town, try mixing a little yellow eye shadow into your concealer, it sounds crazy BUT IT WORKS! it kills the darkish colors...
2.Use blush that has a highlighter in it, this can create the illusion of high, modelesque cheek bones than can contour and slim your face, apply blush to your CHEEKBONES and dust up a little, never in the middle of your face or towards your hairline, this is not 1987. Try to avoid the area right below your eyes and next to your nose...blush should be a device that contours your CHEEKBONES!
3.Truly, like Donna Mills once said, THE EYES HAVE IT, your eyes are where you can go from plain Jane to instant stunner. Do not be afraid to use eye liner on the inner rim and bottom lash line, BUT**** DO NOT line your inner eye line with dark colors IF YOU HAVE SMALLER EYES, it will make them appear even smaller. If you have small eyes and want to make them appear LARGER, line your inner eye with WHITE eyeliner, it creates the appearance of a larger eye. My number one tip for eyes, and anyone who knows me knows this-SHIMMER IN THE CORNERS and right below the bottom lash line. Use shadows or highlighters with a shimmer in corners or your eye to soften eye liner and open up and increase the appearance of size and brightness to your eyes, it gives a refreshed and wide awake effect.
4. Apply a darker color in your crease of your eye, then apply a highlighter over it and take the highlighter up to your brow bone. This softens eyes and decreases the look of hard lines, you never want hard lines in your makeup..BLEND BLEND BLEND.
5. Do not be afraid of a cat eye or kicking your eye liner up a little at the edges, this effect can literally change the look of your face and eyes (ala Angelina Jolie, the Kardashians), you may not get it right the first few times, but getting better at makeup requires taking risks.
6.You can apply mascara TIL IT CLUMPS! Sometimes you can put on three to four coats and it still doesn't look spidery, also your lashes are TWO sided ladies, top and bottom, so BLINK your eyes around your wands to ensure coating both sides for a full even look and length on the top. And don't be afraid of fake lashes, everyone who you see on TV, red carpet, movies, is wearing them, the trick is to wear them right. Try cutting lash bands into "half lashes" and applying them from the middle of the eye lid to the edge, this provides impact, but also appears more natural.
7.NEVER DO A SMOKY EYE AND DARK RED LIP, say it with me girls, dark eyes-pale glossy lips, neutral shimmery eyes can take a red lip, but in my opinion its one or the other, or you become a trampy clown.
8.***IT IS NOT THE BRAND OF MAKEUP YOU USE! Its how you APPLY it, drug store makeup and the expensive makeup from boutiques or Saks IS JUST PIGMENT. Yes there are some products that work better than others, but you DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND ALOT OF MONEY ON MAKEUP TO LOOK AMAZING. Its all about the application and the technique.
9. I am always open to answering questions or guiding people in the right direction so never be afraid to ask,there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS.
10.don't be afraid of trying new things, its how you obtain skill and create your own personalized looks that work to enhance your face and natural beauty. Also try doing your friends makeup, it helps in acquiring new skills by looking at makeup application from a different perspective. MOST IMPORTANT HAVE FUN WITH IT!
11. LET FALSE EYELASH GLUE DRY ON THE BAND FOR 15-20 SECONDS BEFORE APPLICATION! it has to become sticky, not wet to properly adhere to your eyelid!!!!!

happy makeup-ing!!!! go out tonight and BEAT that mug with some makeup, in my humble opinion, its not about what god gave you, its about what you can learn to DO with it, with the help of makeup :)

stay beautiful,

JD :)

"Introducing, well, me! John Dye!" :)

      Well hi there ladies and gents :) Let me formally introduce myself, I am the one, the only....John Dye. I am a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, model, photographer, magazine producer, actor, singer/songwriter, anti-bullying activist, television host, author, oh and I also do marketing and PR in Social Networking Circles too on the side. Sounds like I'm a classic over achiever huh? No, I just absolutely love what i do with every fiber of my being. :) It all started when I was 3 or 4 years of age, I can remember watching MTV for the first time, I was hooked from an early age on everything involving fame, celebrity, rock stardom and glamor. My first hero/icon was Simon Lebon of Duran Duran, I wanted to be him, and so it began, a lifetime of always wanting to be in front of the camera. Then at about 17 years old, my best friend in the world Holland had a grand idea one day at her house and loudly proclaimed, "John, you're gay, and you're artistic, I bet you could do makeup!!!" And so our journey with experimenting with cosmetics began..the first few years my looks on Holland were hit and miss to say the least, but she was always such a great sport by letting me try anything I wanted, and so slowly over time, I got pretty damn good at this whole "makeup thing". Then, over the years, my life started to take a turn for the worse. I lost that innate drive and spark in my eyes that i had possessed my whole life for the limelight, because of my painfully apparent struggle with alcohol :( .. so... I realized I had to make a change, I asked my family if they would help me find a treatment facility. I ended up going to rehab for alcohol addiction, and you know what?- I left that treatment facility 30 days later a new man. I finally had a clear rational perspective on my life, and what i wanted to do with it. So I hit the pavement hard, being as much of a shameless self-promoter as possible, doing anything I thought would help further my name, my brand, and my career. So here we are today, I am still sober from alcohol a year and half later, and my business is booming. I just walked in Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, have a television project in the works, and a line of apparel and makeup on the way, and now, I get to blog for THIS legendary force in the industry. I basically get to live out my childhood dreams everyday :)
       On a different note, I hope I can be a source of inspiration and motivation for you as well. DON'T EVER LET ANYONE tell you that you CAN'T do something, just make a plan, and make it happen. You are your own biggest enemy sometimes. Silence the reasons why you "cant" do something, and focus on what you CAN do to make your dreams a reality, and dream big, I wanted 3 things when i was little- I wanted to be on MTV, I wanted to be in supermarket celebrity tabloid magazines, and I wanted people to know my name..I did it, I did it all. I was made fun of my whole life for being skinny, awkward, bug eyed, too girly, too gay, you name it, I've heard it. But you know what? I never changed for anyone. Bottom Line- be you, and don't change for anyone, you are beautiful, good enough, and smart enough. Quit listening to others around saying you that you CAN'T do something-prove them wrong, let their doubt in you FUEL you to reach your highest heights. You can make anything happen if you work hard, treat people right, and take pride in yourself and what you do, the world is your oyster, no matter what your age,situation,location, or income level. We as humans are resilient creatures, and we can recover from almost anything, you got this :) .
    ANYWAY! (enough cheesy self help stuff huh?!) -->I'll be bringing you posts every single day for the great folks at Industry Wire. We wanted to give you guys and gals a forum to ask questions and get advice on things such as pictures, makeup, portfolio choices, modeling knowledge, lighting tricks, product recommendations and EVERYTHING  involving modeling/photography/ & makeup. So if there is a question you have, send it my way!!   johndyemodelwireblog@gmail.com . And like my sweet southern mama and daddy always said, "There is NO SUCH THING as a DUMB QUESTION!" So ask away!!!!! Love you guys! thanks so much Joey Hunter, Nicole Mercado, and the ModelWire Newtwork/ Industry Wire family for this opportunity!!!

Stay Beautiful :) ,
John Dye

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McKenna Bird: New Face for Wilhelmina Denver

Meet Colorado beauty, McKenna Bird.  When she is not modeling she enjoys being behind the camera as the photographer.  She would absolutely love to move to New York after she graduates from high school this summer.  Wilhelmina Denver is really excited to see where she will go!

Height: 5'10"    Bust: 33"    Waist: 25"    Hips: 34"
Dress: 2    Shoes: 7    Hair: Light Brown    Eyes: Blue

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Male Model

Before men's fashion, male models were solely used as accessories to the female models.  That has since changed.  Men have come into their own.  Rates are almost the same for male models and female models, but not really.  There are standard rates that both male and female models will get but the big money goes to the females.  My point is that if you want to be a male model and you are the right sizes and have the current look that is selling, back it up by studying acting.  Take a TV/Commercial class.  All actors are potential commercial/print models.  Female models are taking the big paying jobs doing just fashion and beauty.  But the male model has to be able to do it all in order to keep up. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you could look at my small portfolio and give critiques.  I am pretty new to the modeling industry.  I would love to do runway and I think my extensive training in dance would make an easy transition to this area.  I do not know how to start doing runway, so please give any information you can.

A male model has to be able to do it all.  There is no money for male models to just do runway.  From your pictures you have a very commercial look.  You have the right sizes for modeling, but you have to find a commercial agent.  Your dance will definitely help you more in doing TV commercials and Print. 
I am aspiring to be a model and am starting to get my portfolio ready.  Are there any tips that you can give me when searching for agencies and making my portfolio more presentable to various talent agencies?

You have a great look but you definitely need to work on your portfolio more.  Fashion is about the clothes.  Fashion modeling is about showing off the clothes, not the lack thereof.  Stop showing so much skin.  I would hook up with some photographers on MWN and a good stylist - that would definitely point you in the right direction.  
I hope this finds you well.  I have questions on how to market myself to potential agents?  My dream is to be in a Ralph Lauren Polo campaign.  Do my pictures serve me well?

How can I advise you when you didn't post any of your sizes?  If you want to work for Ralph Lauren you have to let your pictures reflect that work.  Have you seen a Ralph Lauren ad?  I would suggest starting over and taking new photos.  And please write down your information - this is crucial for anyone scouting.
My portfolio is crap.  I don't have the money right now for anything more.  I do think I need to resize some photos though because they make me look different - my face looks longer than it really is.  What do you honestly think about my chances for success?  My work ethic and determination are never in question by those that know me, but most things in life are not under our control.  What do you think?

My advice is if you don't have a burning desire to be a model, then I would channel my energy elsewhere.  Your photos aren't necessarily bad, but it sounds like you are questioning your role in the industry.  There are people who live and breathe modeling.  You will get what you put in. 
 In the meantime,

Have a successful day!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

S U S P E N D Magazine

SUSPEND Magazine, an online based magazine, recently debuted their first official issue.  The digital issue which features art, writing, music and fashion is making its way around the internet getting rave reviews from its readership.  We had the pleasure of speaking to Lovelin Descalso, the art director and one of the founders of SUSPEND.

What is Suspend Magazine?
Launched in August 2011, Suspend Magazine became an independent online based magazine that features a wide range of individuals, groups, organizations and/or companies of all sorts.

 Where did the concept come from?
Diane Abapo, my partner in crime and co-founder of SUSPEND, and I were in the car off to a random photoshoot and we were both trying to brainstorm for a name to brand our idea of our magazine.  I had her express what our magazine would be like and she went off of how she felt about photography and how within magazines, she gets zoned in - her mind suspended within the pages and images.  Sure enough, the lightbulb lit up and SUSPEND was born.  What is it that suspends one's mind?  Photos?  Paintings?  A place?  That feeling of being on stage?  The possibilities are endless.  We just love hearing, seeing and watching what our contributors and featured people have to say and share.  
How do you find content?
The reason we started the magazine was to feature those who have inspired us both as artists ourselves.  We started with people we knew that are artists/musicians and from our features, friends and contributors, our network blazed a fire!
Where do you find the artists to collaborate with?
I went to The Art Institute of California - LA where I gained most of my network here in LA and my partner Diane works within the entertainment industry.  We began showcasing with Collective Aesthetics, an artist collective, in 2010, and that introduced us to a whole new community.  A year later, I began coordinating artists for RSI Wreckon Productions, a bi-monthly hip-hop/art showcase production.  Therefore our artists we collaborate with are from all over the place and from mutual friends. 

 What is your favorite feature so far?
I'd have to say it would be Maria La Rosa, whom most call The Rosas Lady in West Hollywood.  She's featured in our first digital issue based around love.  Our writer, Minerva Contreras, definitely captured her expressions and emotions during the interview.  I've always seen Maria around for years and wondered what her story was.  Finally we were able to hear it ourselves.  She's such a beautiful lady and so full of love.  You should it read it yourself!
What's in store for the future?
Oh my.  I don't what to mention!  I guess I could share that our next upcoming issue will be based around Identity.  It should be interesting.  Everyone is hyped and juiced up for production!  Hopefully we'll be releasing that in April/May 2012.  There's so much we want to throw out there but we're still in the process! 
SUSPEND Magazine - http://suspendmag.com
RSI Wreckon Productions - http://rsiwreckon.com
Facebook:  The Lovelin (Graphic Artist) - http://facebook.com/thelovelin

Meet Our Featured Members for March 2012

We are excited to present to you guys our Featured Members for March!  We have selected a very talented group who are all active members on ModelWire Network.  Remember - stay active on the site.  It definitely pays off.  People are getting scouted, making connections and getting to work.  If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at support@modelwirenetwork.com.  Have an amazing March!

Model of the Month:  Morgan O'marro

Who is your favorite model of all time?

I am a big fan of Marissa Miller.  She is from my hometown in Santa Cruz and one of my dreams is to work for Victoria's Secret someday.  She knows how to work her body and face and she is definitely someone I admire.
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
I absolutely love black and white photography.  If a photographer has a lot of b&w in their portfolio I am already interested.  I also love high fashion/editorial work.
What product can you not live without?
I can't live without my favorite perfume!  Laugh with Me Lee Lee by Benefit Cosmetics.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project I have worked on was quite recently actually for Fashion 5.0 Magazine in San Diego.  The issue will be released in April!
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
My favorite band of all time is Maroon 5 - Adam Levine is just so sexy!

Photographer of the Month:  CFK Photography (Chris Fox-Kelly)

Why photography?
I started my artistic career in drawing.  As I entered high school, I grew tired of drawing.  So I wanted to start a new chapter.  My father had tons of cameras laying around and one day it hit me.  How could I capture art without drawing and still be creative?  The answer was photography.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
A friend of mine named Shamel Washington.  He doesn't know it, but his approach to photography is very personal and raw.  His use of angles, lighting and timing allows him to capture the true essence of ones soul.
What inspires you?
Life.  Everyday I wake up and hit the outdoors and I observe something worth being photographed.  Life is forever changing, moment forever happening and inspiration constantly passing you by.  From the innocent kiss before a couple departs on the train to the look in a child's eyes as the giants in the world surround them at a stop light.  The unique fashion in Soho.  What doesn't inspire me would probably be an easier question!
What kind of camera/equipment do you use?
Canon 5D Mark II with an array of lenses.
What genre does your work focus on?
I love fashion editorial.  I love telling a story with my images which is why personality is so important to me.  When people see my images, I want to convey the emotion and feeling that took place during the shoot.  I'm still working to achieve this seamlessly, but it's a wonderful challenge. 

Wardrobe Stylist of the Month:  Taylor Sheridan

Why wardrobe stylist?

As a kid I always wanted to enjoy dressing up my younger sisters, which led to me dressing my friends as a teenager and eventually opening my closet in the model apartments and dressing my friends for our castings.  It was pretty much an ah-ha moment when I realized that styling was an actual job and I could get paid for doing something I already loved and was so passionate about.
Who is your favorite wardrobe stylist of all time?
My favorite wardrobe stylist of all time would have to be Diane Aiello.  She has such impeccable taste, always maintains a graceful demeanor and really truly is an inspiration to work with.
What inspires you?
I am inspired daily.  The people around me inspire me, my boyfriend definitely inspires me, nature inspires me, music, movies and photos inspire me.  Old books, vintage clothes and even their labels are also inspiring.
What is your favorite store to shop in?
My favorite places to shop are the Pasadena Rose Bowl, the Melrose Trading Post, Zara, Opening Ceremony, Last Chance, Dolce Vita, my mother's closet. I could on and on...
Describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as boyish, but still feminine.  My favorite outfits are usually blacks, denims, whites and grays paired with a hat or a statement jewelry piece and boots.  My mother taught me "if you don't love it, then don't buy it," and I have always stuck with that motto when shopping for myself.  So I am happy to say that there isn't anything in my closet that I will put on that I don't love!

Makeup Artist of the Month:  Jacqueline Fancher

Why makeup artist?

It's always been fascinating to me - to transform a face, enhance features.  It's all very magical.  I've been memorized by it since I was a little girl. 
What inspires you?
Fashion.  The design of an outfit.  I play off the garment itself and the color or prints I see.  The feeling the piece gives me and of course the setting of which I'm shooting/filming in.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
A unique face, exotic features.  I look for clean, clear skin and groomed eyebrows.  Amazing bone structure is always a plus.
What product can you not live without?
Highlight concealer (Radiant Touch by YSL).
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
I wish I could say I had a juicy story to tell you but I don't.  Maybe communicating via text with a client and SIRI on my iPhone added some expletives.  Thankfully my client got a good laugh about it and I was able to regain consciousness.  I was mortified.  I learned a valuable lesson - read what SIRI types before you hit send.

Hair Stylist of the Month:  MichaelCartier (Michael Onsouvanh)

Why hairstyling?
Hairstyling to me is so rewarding because I get to change the way people look and feel about themselves and it can be a life changing experience for them.
Who is your favorite hairstylist?
What product can you not live without?
My L'oreal Infinium hairsprays.  You can do anything with it when you don't have anything else!
What genre does your work fall on?
Beauty and editorial.
What your favorite song of all time?
Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton.  I don't know why, I just have an obsession with that song and her!