Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Prop Style a Shoot!

Prop styling is a fun and creative way to add more story to a shoot!  If the location you're at needs a little "oomph", a few strategically placed props can make the final images and/or video more dynamic!  Prop styling can be simple by bringing furniture, decor, signs, hand props, food, etc. or be really elaborate by building out an entire set for a shoot!

I recently was prop stylist assistant to Tashina Hunter for a mock wedding shoot with photographer Marilyn Nakazato. Marilyn's idea was to do a "Water For Elephants" inspired wedding shoot.  So her vision was to create a whimsical vintage circus theme, with rustic looking props that felt appropriate to the story.  Also, we shot at the amazing Orange Empire Railway Station! The majority of the props used in this story were from our homes, along with some great pieces from Pow Wow vintage rentals. Below are some pics from the shoot!  The (almost) full photo story can be seen on Green Wedding Shoes.

Tashina's GENIUS idea to hang the colored goblets and tags from the wire chandelier!

Our beautiful reception table!

Yummy candy and snacks have to look good too!

Beautiful floral arrangements from Ambiance Designs
Our vintage crystal vases and jars around the wedding cake!
The guestbook table

We brought the sparklers!



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