Friday, June 10, 2011

Ask Joey: Nobody Knows What It’s All About

Everyone thinks they can be a model or that they already are one. Even my four year daughter wants to be a model, but she and everyone else has no idea what it's all about. Instead, they get themselves to believe that they have it. It is not up to them to say they have it. It is up to an agent to say yes or no. If it is a no, they will say you're not right for them by saying, 'You're too commercial, too editorial, you're too this, or you're too that,' when they should say, you're not right for this business.
Obviously, if one agent says no, don't be discouraged - you need a few more opinions. It is in the eyes of an agent who tells you if you are in or not, and their eyes are dictated by the "business". All agents have an idea of whose going to make it and who's not. That's why you have to go to more than just one.
When starting out, you need to really ask yourself who you are, not who you think you are. See if you are really fit for this business. Everyone who is 5'1" thinks they are 5'9". Come on guys, let's be real! I am not saying that the real image of themselves could not work in this business, but their alter image is definitely not going to work, because no one else can see it.
Take a good look at yourself. See what your positives and your negatives are and work with that.
Any advice you can give me based on my profile?
You have a good look, but you need more of a variety of photos in your portfolio. The photos you currently have could get you in the door of an agent in your local market, which is a good start. You also need to have more of a variety in your book. Show everyone how serious you are. Work with different photographers who are on MWN, show the agencies that you can work with multiple people and still get a great product.
I would love to get your input and advice on my portfolio and a good direction to go for my look and height.

You have a great commercial look for TV and print modeling. Your book looks really good. My only suggestion is your portfolio could use a little more every day type of shots. Get some business, tennis and some golf photos in there.
You have to want this and work at it, but I feel like you have what it takes.
I would appreciate it if you could review my portfolio and give me some advice.
Sierra, you have a very nice look, more on the commercial side of modeling. What is great is that you already have a very good agent in Portland. Speak with your agent at Muse models - see if they can help you get more of a variety of photos in your portfolio. Ask them for some direction.
You should also personally team up with some professionals from MWN. The photos you have currently are all the same.
I am pursuing a modeling career. I have only had a little bit of experience with local photographers and a local online magazine. As you may notice once you have viewed my profile, I'm rather curvy. I would really love some feedback from you. Please look over my photos and give me some pointers. Truly appreciated!
ArieNess, you have what they call in the business an exotic look. Before you take any more pictures, make an appointment with a local agent in AZ, there are plenty there. See if there is a market for your look there. If there isn't a market in Phoenix for you, then you need to decide if you have what it takes in a major market and if you are willing to move for it.

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