Monday, June 27, 2011

Significance of the Beehive

I have a shoot tomorrow and thought for a while about what kind of hair I wanted the models to have. There will be two women and one man. The nice thing about an updo is when it's done well, it can be very elegant. With the right make-up (I'm thinking a smokey eye) and the right teasing, you can create a freakish, almost bride of Frankenstein look. Only thing left that would make it freakish and creepy would be a crazy-eyed facial expression. Tomorrow I'll be doing something like... Ruven Afanador meets light androgyny. I plan on having the models wear collared shirts and high wasted pants, with of course - THE BEEHIVE. Eloquent, insect-like (obviously, the name is a giveaway but it also reminds me of a cocoon!) and hopefully creepy. Like any photographer, I have no idea how these will turn out. I believe every strong idea is still a springboard to create something more. We'll see what that more will be. And lets be frank - you can never clearly predict how an image will turn out. I'll post some images next week! For now, enjoy the infamous beehive hairstyle - classy yet creepy.



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