Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jewelry for Mermaids: Nettie Kent

Photographer: Bon Jane / Model: Jessamine Kelly

Nettie Kent makes ethereal handcrafted jewelry made from recycled metals and leathers in Brooklyn, New York. From coral reef bronze necklaces to leather fringe earrings, these beautiful 70's inspired pieces look as if they were washed ashore in a mermaid's jewelry box.

Where are your originally from and where do you live now?
I was born on Martha's Vineyard, when I was young I used to have to explain to people where that was, now everyone knows of it. I grew up on the beach playing with shells and sand and swimming in the ocean. It is still my favorite place in the world. I live in Brooklyn now and I love it here. I live in on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint and it is the best neighborhood, I'm right next to everything I need. McCaren park is my front yard, coming from such a small island being outside is really important for me and I love to take a break from working in my studio and grab a coffee at 5 Leaves and sit in the park.
What materials do you use to craft your line?
I love gold, but i want my line to be more accessible and so I use an alloy of brass and bronze that is the most gorgeous golden color. I'm obsessed with leather, I use lots of leather in my designs, from fringe earrings to big leather cuffs and wrap bracelets. I source my leather sustainably from vintage pieces I cut up and reuse. This also allows me to shop!
What are some elements that influence Nettie Kent?
The beach! I wear all my jewelry to the beach, it likes it there! I want my jewelry to be easy, pieces you put on and don't take off. I'm also obsessed with the 70's in general and I'm starting to explore that more in my next collection. Also Lions! I love cats and being a Leo am completely smitten with lions, I'm working on some lions pieces right now.
Who would you like to see wearing your jewelry (living or dead)?
Steven Tyler! I love his style, he kind of reminds me of a lion.

You can find Nettie Kent at Roseark 1111 N. Crescent Heights Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046

Check out her website to order one of these gems and to find stockists: NETTIEKENT.COM



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