Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stanton James

You know those stores where you walk in and could buy everything in stock? You know what I mean, the stores where every article of clothing perfectly meshes with your wardrobe? Stanton James in Downtown LA is that store.

They carry brands like American Gold, Brigid Catiis, Dimepiece, For Love & Lemons, Sonia Vera, Phillip & Lillian, and much more. Racks are packed with leather, lace, suede, fur, feathers and fringe galore. It's a sensory overload.

While some of their stuff might seem a bit pricy, most of it is made in America, and what can be better than that? Buy local, support local. Worth the extra dime, because these clothes are quality. In fact, I just bought this Wildhorses blouse yesterday. Yes, it is just as amazing in person.

Live in LA? Hit up Stanton James on the corner of 6th and Spring Street. Don't live in LA? Don't fret. They even ship international. Click here to scope their latest treasures, but be warned, you'll want everything in stock!



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