Friday, July 22, 2011

Ask Joey: 2011 New York IMTA

Sorry I am not answering members’ questions this week, but I am questioned out…
I play many roles in my life, but a couple of times a year I play an advisor for IMTA and this whole week I have been at their modeling and talent competition in NYC.

I have talked a couple of times in my blog about International Modeling and Talent Association aka: IMTA. They are a professional organization that produces week long conventions of modeling, acting, singing and dancing competitions in New York and Los Angeles, where hundreds of fashion and talent agents, managers, casting directors, and many other industry professionals judge and scout the competitions.

Here’s a little look into my busy week.


  •  Spent part of the day with the Casting Networks’ team in NY
  •  Judging of Fashion Print and Runway Competition
  •  Interview for documentary, “Chasing Beauty” with Brent Huff which is going to premier at the Sundance Film Festival


  • Model callbacks with agents all day


 Those are just some of the events that I was involved with. The biggest day and the hardest was Thursday – Callbacks!

All week, the agents have been watching and/or judging the competitions, keeping track of which models and/or actors they want to see again. That’s what makes IMTA so great – where else in the world can you meet 300+ agents in one big ballroom?

I helped advise Randy of CH management and other agencies during the callbacks, we met with 110 kids. (I say kids because they are all young to me, but the ages ranged from 11 to 25 year olds.) We sat down with each kid, asked them a few questions and looked over their pics – basically we wanted to see what kind of personality they had. If an agent felt like that the model was right for their agency, then they took a Digital Polaroid of them: a headshot, a profile shot and a full body shot.

I encouraged them by telling them to not get disappointed if they didn’t find representation this week at IMTA; that they are all young and have plenty of opportunities. Also, I mentioned that they may even want to come back in a year or two when they matured in the business. The main thing was to learn from it and enjoy this experience as most of them did.

Today is the awards ceremony. I will be honored with an award of 25 years of service to IMTA as both as a manager and agent and an adviser.

I want to personally say thank you to the director, Nancy Mancuso and to all those involved with IMTA for all your hard work and the memories that you have given me over the years!

And thank you Michelle of ModelWire for keeping up with me - not many can. 

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!


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