Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ask a Supermodel: Question and Answer

I was wondering if you could give me some insight. I am interested in modeling for Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and similar labels, is there something I should be doing to improve my chances?

Robert Braggs, III

Hey Robert,  
The first thing you're going to want to do is get agent representation that has relationships with Ralph Lauren.  Here's a few great male modeling agencies in New York that have these relationships: 
1. Request  2. Vision 3. VNY 4. Fusion 5. Q Models 
You're best bet getting considered for a Ralph Lauren campaign is to go through one of those agents.   
The other thing I would suggest doing is checking out the campaigns and advertising that RL is currently running.  See if you can start to exude that energy in your photos.  Take the next 2 months to build your portfolio to reflect RL's image. Remain focused on your goal of working with RL. Even if you don't get chosen for a campaign, there's still an entire RL world out there and it's huge!  There's a spot in it for you, just keep moving towards it. 
Good luck and keep posting photos!  

My name is Jesse Castell.  You have worked as a professional model, and I want to be a working model also.  I reside in LA and I am promoting myself through LA Casting.  Is LA the place to be?

Hi Jesse,  
Did you know that ModelWire Network and LA Casting are sister companies?  They work with each other!  You're in good hands.   
LA is a great place for modeling. It's even better if you want to get into commercial and catalogue work.  A lot of photographers from New York have moved to Los Angeles in the past 5 years so there is a lot of high fashion work going on too.  
You're best bet to get professional work is to become represented by an agent in Los Angeles or San Francisco.  Check out Seattle as well.  When you feel like you're ready to move forward with representation, stop in for their open calls or email your portfolio over. 
Also, check out commercial agencies like Abrams, Innovative and Independent Artists. Another really helpful tip is to talk. Let people know what you want to accomplish and let them know how they can help you. I find that most people want to help but they often times need direction. So don't be afraid to speak up and be direct!  
Best of luck and keep moving forward! 



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