Friday, July 15, 2011

Ask Joey: Less is Best

Whenever you go to see an agent don’t hit them over head with 50 photos, when essentially you only have 4-5 good ones that best represent you. Agents usually get bored after the first 5 pictures. If they like what they see, they will sign you and send you out to get more pics.

That is why I think less is best.

I would love some of your advice on how to go about building a professional modeling career!

You photograph very well and you have a very nice look, but with you being 5’ 4” you need more commercial photos in your portfolio. It appears that you are trying for a sexy look when your portfolio should have some of that, but also you need more commercial type photos. Take some with you in more casual, sporty and business attire clothes.
Hook up with some photographers on MWN and start taking some cold reading classes if you haven’t already.
I'm uploading photos to my portfolio; let me know what you think. I am trying to move to NYC!

You have a good look going for you and with you putting down all of those cities as your location it would appear you are very busy. Before you move to NYC, make sure you check the fashion directory on our parent site, ModelWire and get out and see some NY agents – I feel you are ready.
If you have some great advice for me in my modeling it would be greatly appreciated.

Just looking at your pics, I would go more for the girl next door look. It may open the door to a different side of the business for you. Get yourself photographed the way you actually look and not something you aspire to be.

I could use a lot of advice for the industry as of now. When I was in high school I would travel to New York and visit open calls and then I kept hearing "Oh you're so pretty like Halle Berry but your hips are too big” and now years later I live in Los Angeles pursuing my acting dream (and my manager is Halle Berry's manager, funny right?) and I'm the perfect model size. I still get asked all the time are you a model? I did random runway shows all the time when I first moved out here in 2008 but I've also run into every modeling scam out here so that's why I focused mainly on my acting career but there's still a part of me that wants to know can I really do both and is there a chance for me? You're opinion would be great.

I like your look and you are very beautiful, you just need to meet the right print and tv commercial agent. Doesn’t your manager know any, who are not scammers? You should talk to him.
If you do want to pursue modeling you need different photos. The ones you have all look like acting head shots. I love your head shot, but one smile shot and one serious shot is plenty. Take some sporty pics, and get a really good body shot in the mix. Start testing with some photographers on MWN.

I was wondering what you suggest for my first photo shoot? What sort of look do you think I should have? I am interested in getting into commercial/print modeling. I'm assuming casual clothes as well as dressy type clothes to highlight different looks...
I would appreciate your insight since you have been doing this forever.

You have great eyes; make sure you don’t lose them in your head shot. You should search on MWN for a good beauty photographer and ask them to do a beauty headshot for you. In your profile you talk about all the sports you used to do and how you still love working out. Show that in your portfolio. Take some sporty pics and show off your personality. You should also take some business attire shots.
Get out there and start networking with photographers on MWN and test shoot!

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!


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