Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ask a Supermodel: Gorgeous Amber Jewelry Giveaway

This next giveaway is in memory of a dear friend who recently passed away, Joseph Cannava.  He loved to collect all things beautiful. 

In memory of him and our friendship I'm giving away 2 Baltic amber necklaces; one for you and one for a friend!  (Total Value: $450)

1. Send an email with the subject Friendship to  Tell me about you and your friendships.  Don't forget to include a photo!  

2. I'll post the photo on my Facebook page in the "Friendship" album.  Have your friends vote on your photo by commenting on it.  Whomever has the most votes wins!

3. When I receive your email.  I will post your photo and respond with a link you can send to friends, post on Facebook, tweet, etc.  
Email submissions: 

I will announce when we have 2 weeks left.  Winners will be announced on SupermodelBloggerFacebook, and email. 

Good luck! 

(babies, pets, parents, plants, cars, outfits and cosmetics all count for friends too!)

Amber/Amethyst/Peridot Necklace: Value $149.99

Baltic Amber/Turquoise Necklace 2: Value $299.99



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