Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rude With a Wink and Nudge: BCALLA LQQKS

Brad Callahan is the 24-year-old designer behind this wildly adorable unisex Brooklyn based project; the pieces in this project are available for a limited time only and are paired with a unique soundtrack to envision the full effect of each LQQK. The pieces are released individually, with the latest (top) being inspired by "The 1992 movie Dancehall Queen, X-ray spex, the hot surfer boys that work at Veronica’s People’s Club and Evan Williams". Digital prints are a heavy emphasis, with motifs of cats and nails swirling in a psychedelic digital realm on a tailored jacket or shorts. Sculpture invades rational form and takes the avant-garde vision on an acid trip to Ibiza. Be sure to look out for each new piece by following the project on Tumblr.

Where are your originally from and where do you live now?
I bounced around a lot but generally say that I am from San Diego and currently live in (Bushwick) Brooklyn. 
How would you describe the BCALLA LQQKS project?
The BCALLA LQQKS project is about fun - it's a bit rude but all with a wink and nudge. The LQQKS are certainly statement pieces which is why LQQK is spelled the way it is- as it is intended to make passerby's eyes leap out of their sockets. All of the pieces lack gender assignment and are available in a full size run because the spirit of BCALLA is celebratory in it's rebellion. The price point is affordable to make it more inclusive as BCALLA is essentially a party that EVERYONE is invited to. To sum it up the BCALLA LQQKS project is about fun, love, acceptance and laughter. 
What materials do you use to craft your line?
I LOVE a stretch fabric! Lately I have been working a lot with digital printing and working with wood for accessories. 
What are some elements that influence your work?
"Bad taste is best taste" and "more is more" are certainly my mantras but really it's the streets that influence me the most. I love just walking around people watching seeing the absolutely insane things some people wear out of their house. Humor is also a major part of BCALLA, often I am sitting at my sewing machine giggling to myself because I can't believe the creation I just brought into the world.
Which artists or designers do you currently admire?
Gerlan Marcel, Jean Paul Lespagnard, Peggy Noland are just a few - I really admire not only their work but their dedication and passion for a dream, their drive to make things come to fruition. 
Who would you like to see wearing your designs (living or dead)?
Andre J, Mowett Ryder, Joey Ma, and Scottee would be really major to me, but really I just can't wait for the moment I see a complete random on the street rocking their BCALLA- I think that's going to be WAY cool.
 What are you wearing today?
A thrifted mesh t shirt, some super short cut off Wranglers and a pair of black loafers from DSW.




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